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    Originally posted by tommy1986
    Anyways my point was is that I would rather see the Broncos draft a franchise back or maybe get Michael Turner if the price is right.
    what RB would u want us 2 draft? lynch maybe, petterson?


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      Originally posted by BroncsSB#3
      I don't see Portis ever coming back to Denver. He costs too much and he has an attitude problem that Shanahan won't put up with. Hes not the young first or second year player like he was before. Hes the guy that thinks he should be the top paid RB in the league.
      I agree, Shanahan has a nose for finding backs that can excell in his offense. Portis won't be a bronco because of the money issue and the fact that virtually anybody can run behing the Denver line. I wouldn't put it past Mike to trade for a new back verses drafting one, but it won't be Portis