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  • Cowboys conspericy

    My dad figured it all out. The whole thread is really funny if you read the whole thing. Even though he is a seahawks fan.

    It is now time to share the truth about these issues.

    The NFL conspires to help the Dallas Cowboys "so called Ameracas Team". This conspiracy is bigger than just football, and has been happening since the early 1800's. Ever since the Texans lost at the Alamo, they have been playing up losing as a winning strategy. How on earth can losing so bad be considered great is the question.

    Well, the answer is that the government has had their hands in the media coverage of all Texas big events for over 170 years. Ever since 1960, when the NFL pooped out the Cowboys, the media has been playing up the boys as "americas team". Even when they were 1-15, they were considered americas team. How ridiculous, 1-15 winners. Americas team, NONSENSE.

    The NFL schedule makers have always given the Cowboys a nearly free ride, by scheduling them against the very easiest of teams. For instance, this year they are in the weakest division, with Eagles, Giants and Redskins. If it was not for all the false media hype (claiming a hard division), all would agree that this is a division of pansies.

    One other thing, do you know why there is a hole in the top o texas stadium? The answer is:
    1. too much of that Texas chili
    2. another media ploy, "americas roof", please come help us finish it
    3. they can't count

    Dont get me started on the refs, i have never seen a fairly officiated game when the Boys were in town. They call it Texas Payola, have for 60 years.

    Then there is this TO mess. Only the Boys could pick up the slobbering, spitting, suicidal Diva and call it a win.

    Go Hawks, 3 straight super bowls.

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    fine noone say how funny that is is. You cant deny that it is funny.


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      Originally posted by BF_forever
      fine noone say how funny that is is. You cant deny that it is funny.
      *In Dr. Evil's voice*