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Dillion and the Pats = Bad news for everyone else.

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  • Dillion and the Pats = Bad news for everyone else.

    My God, could they stack this team a little bit? They allready had a great Defense, Special teams and a Passing game but now they add Dillion to mix and suddenly the Patriots look like favorites to win it all again(besides the Broncos of course).

    What do you think of Dillion on the Pats? I tried to find a thread on this but I haven't seen a recent one around.

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    He's gonna get his yards for sure. Not to mention all the draft selections they've got last week. Knowing belicheck, he'll have them all play early this year. I don't see anyone who can beat NE in their division. Jets may cause some fits, but i don't see miami or buffalo doing much though. I look forward to seeing the ravens/pats game. That will be a good game.


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      Originally posted by Tony
      I look forward to seeing the ravens/pats game. That will be a good game.
      I wanna see R. Lewis knock Brady out for a couple of weeks. Take the keystone out and watch the arch collapse.
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        It will be a match for sure. billick's defensive schemes is just as complex as belicheck is, if not more.


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          If Dillon wasn't good enough to start for the Bengals. Just how much of a factor will he be for the Patriots? He is more attitute than talent now.
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            Did u forget Dillon was injured pretty much the whole season after pulling his groin in the 2nd game of the season. He missed only 3 games, the games which he sat out due to recovery with groin. When he thought he was healthy enough he came back and could not make the cuts with the groin still not fully healed...he came back a little to early. Sometimes it takes months for groins to heal and even in worst cast scenarios players miss half or the whole season. I wish people would quit saying that he lost his starting job in Cincy...LOL...He did not lose his starting position at all. Even when he was still injured, he started pretty much all the games he played in even when he was around 50-70% healthy... just check the game logs on Rudi only started 3 or 4 games ( the games when Dillon could not play at all) but majority of the other games he got most of the snaps due to Dillon's health..CHECK YOUR FACTS NEXT TIME

            Dillon is still one of the most dominant backs in the league. And healthy again and behind that o-line in New England...he's gonna get his yards and maybe even his best season yet. He's only 29 and there's been no more a consistent back of 1000+ yards a season than him and Curtis Martin. very afraid of New England. The attitude will not even be a factor because all he wanted to do is play for a winner....why do u think he restructred his contract around B.B needs. Dillon left that stank attitude back in Cincy.


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              Rudy got the starts over Dillon... time will tell next season... Johnson will get more yards with the Bengals than Dillon will have with the Patsies.
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                Well again NO Rudi did not get the starts over Dillon....the only starts he got was when Dillon did not play in the 3 games during his injury. I watched all of the games

                Also, I highly doubt a one year wonder like Rudi (NOT RUDY) will get more yards than Dillon. Dillon is already impressing at Patriot training camp leaner than ever 227lbs from 235 and with 5% body fat and made his first mini camp in who knows how many years. That will give him ample time to get adjusted by the first game rather than him hitting his stride by mid season. HOW MUCH MONEY YOU GOT ON RUDI ELWAY. I got a benjamin on Corey


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                  Time for the senseless stats

                  Rudi (with an I) had 215 attempts Dillon 138
                  Johnson 957 yards, Dillon 541
                  Avg: Johnson 4.5, Dillon 3.9
                  Johnson 9 td, Dillon 2

                  Gotta give the edge to Johnson, maybe Dillon is just getting to old....
                  The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!


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                    In this case those stats are useless. Yes Rudi took primary of the carries but Dillon still started. The thing was Marvin did not want Dillon in there to long but wanted to see how he did with few carries baring his injury and in most cases it was unpreductive.

                    See its easy for you and others to just look at the stats and say hey "HE's Gettin Old" but if you knew the scenario and watched all the games you would have a totally different viewpoint. He played injured the whole season when he just of stayed off the field but he just wanted to play through it and it was the worst decision he made. Yes he's 29 goin on 30 and so is Stephin Davis and Holmes going on 31 so what's your point? Holmes had his best year yet at 30 last year. But rest assured Dillon will be back in vintage form like he is now in Patsie camp

                    Like I said...$100 on Dillon
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                      Donate $50 of that to me, and I could almost afford to bet.

                      Corey didn't want to be in Cincy, he mentioned he wanted to be in Dallas during the season. That probably also affected Marvins decisions to keep him on the sidelines to 'recover' more.

                      There is only one Holmes in the league, he is the exception not the rule. Dillon will get yards, but he isn't the back that set the rookie rushing record, or single game record anymore. Age & now injury are starting to take their toll. I'm sure he will have a re-birth in NE, much like Spikes did after going to Buffalo. That being said, I think the bengals who are starting Palmer this year will rely on the run game more giving Johnson more opportunity than Dillon will have with the NE passing game in full effect.
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                        I'm feeling very generous drinking this old CHardonay or however u pronounce it....I might do it if I drink enough

                        But saying Dillon isn't the back as he once was...I still differ on that one. Remember I watched all his games and all of last years and if there's anyone more bias on Dillon its me and I know when he's sucking wind. He still shows the burst of speed and power as he did when he broke the record and reported in at camp still the fastest Bengals and smoking Chad Johnson in the 40 (last year). Besides last year...If you look at Dillons last 2 years he actually put up his best years so to say he is on the decline is nonsense. If there is anyone to the exception it is Dillon. He is better than Holmes in my book.....overall Holmes is a better back (passing, catching, blocking) but Dillon still has more speed and power then Holmes...not to mention that killer stiff arm. And he is not injury prone and the groin thing is not due to age either. Groin pulls can happen at anytime in an athletes career. Dillon is by far one of the most injury prone free and durable RB's in the league along with Curtis Martin. THIS WAS HIS FIRST MAJORY INJURY!

                        You forget it was only a few years ago that he put Al Wilson (and the rest of da Broncs) down like he was his little B*[email protected]# (female dog).

                        I FIGURED YOU'D LIKE THIS PIC

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                          I saw practically evey Bengals game last year, the Browns interrupted the rest. I just didn't see that extra step in Dillon last year. Chad. Johnson was great, Peter Warrick started showing signs of his potential. Kitna did a helluva job. They made great strides last year.... at least after that first game where Kitna tried passing to Dillon who just stood there as Gold intercepted it and strolled into the end zone, but I digress....

                          I was at the game where he set the old rushing record, not that amazing seeing how disorganized the Broncos were that day... Warrick had a major run on us that day too... Lebeau could have had a 100 yard day if you suited him up then.

                          Rudi had a pop in his step and exploded to the whole, Dillon whether by attitude, injury or combination thereof, just didn't appear to be the same back.
                          The Game Day Thread: Year 18 in progress!!!


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                            Holy Schmit!! You remember that flop Kitna tried to get to Dillon. I thought that was the funniest damn thing I ever seen. THe next closest funniest moment was Jim Carey in "IN LIVING COLOR" doing Fire Marshall Bill.

                            Yes Dillon did not have the pop in his step last season and was not hitting the hole as hard. I think he was running to protect himself rather than to give punishment like he always does. We will see the real Dillon this year will be interesting behind the Pats o-line.

                            Bengals this season (2005)

                            7-9 if lucky 8-8

                            Browns...believe or not will be alright


                            Baltimore wins the division


                            I just think Dillon should have went to the Broncos. Whats up with signing 55 yr old Hearst. This guy has more war wounds then Fidel Castro.


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                              HERE IT IS

                              I finally know why Dillon left or wanted to leave Cincy

                              Which one would you have.........?


                              The Bengals new jerseys are downright

                              Ill take the White on blue Chuck