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What is an example of a Great GM in Pro Football?

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    Originally posted by GiddyupGetEm View Post

    1: Peyton Manning and Wade Philips
    2: Peyton Manning
    3: 2015 was a great defense, but not a historically great defense. But I give more credit to Wade Philips than John Elway.

    Paxton Lynch/Von Miller point: 1st and 2nd round picks are far more important to a team. Von and Courtland Sutton are the only solid early round picks Elway has made so far who have exceeded expectation. Here are Elway's 1st and 2nd round mistakes: Rahim Moore, Brock Osweiler, Sylvester Williams, Montee Ball, Bradley Roby, Cody Latimer, Shane Ray, Ty Sambraillo, Paxton Lynch, Adam Gotsis, Garrett Bolles, Demarcus Walker. The jury is still out on Chubb, Risner, Fant, Lock. But overall, the Broncos are a weak team lacking playmakers because Elway has squandered a decade of early round picks.

    Juwan James/Aqib Talib point: Our free agents in 2012-105 came to the Broncos to play with Peyton Manning. Do you think the Tampa Bay free agents in 2020 are coming to the Buccaneers now because of Jason Licht? No, they are going to Tampa because of Tom Brady!

    10 GMs point: You are 100% wrong. Elway in nine drafts (I won't include 2020 as his 10th yet) has drafted 70 players. Just FOUR have made the Pro Bowl. They are Von, Julius Thomas, Courtland Sutton, and Malik Jackson, who made the PB in Jacksonville AFTER he already left Denver, so he doesn't really count. So Elway is three out of 70 for the Pro Bowl. That is ONE OF THE WORST records of all NFL GMs.

    Finally, with all those players you listed, none of them are elite. They are solid, and I love Phil Lindsay, but they aren't good enough to make up for the dozens of empty draft picks Elway wasted.
    1. Peyton and Wade were brought here by whom?
    2. Yes, Peyton- and again, how did he get here? Many other teams and GMs tried to recruit him. Only 1 succeeded.
    3. Um yeah it 100% was a historic defense. One of the top 5 ever! Give credit to wade? Did wade recruit and draft all those players? Oh wait, no. Only Ware came in as a FA the same year we brought wade in as a FA. Your excuses are not flying.

    Your list is bad too. Rahim wasnt even the guy. You are correct about Brock and Ball and latimer and Ray and Lynch and Gotsis (although gotsis was 100% on collar. He said he would quit if they did not draft him). Bolles is now one of the top LTs int he league. Walker is contributing. Roby is still one of the better corners. Ty sam starts for the hawks and has for several years now.

    The jury is not out on Chubb Risner, or Fant. What are you smoking?

    The argument that players came here for peyton is a weak and lazy argument. If that was the case why did those players (or others) for 10 YEARS!!! Not flock to manning when he was with the colts? Reason is those teams did not have the salary cap, the players did not just want to play with peyton. I had when people say that because it is such a cop out lazy take that really has no basis. Who as a FA went to tampa? Fournette? AB? Gronk? No one wanted AB. No one wanted Fournette- they couldnt even trade him. Gronk was retired.

    Probowl is not the measurement of a successful player imo. Why dont you pull up the stats for 5 other GMS that have drafted all of these probowlers (and be sure to include GMs that do not have a franchise QB). Also, do not discount Lindsay, Harris and the like.

    Tons of GMS have drafted non elite.
    Why dont you go apples to apples and compare Belicheck and Elway. Put them head to head and lets see. Just those two. Ill let you cherry pick all you want as well. Just those two.

    Not like it will really matter as it is coming from a person who thinks the 2015 defense was not a historic defense. Everyone, non bronco fans know it was. You have discredited pretty much everything you say.
    So far:
    FA- Melvin Gordon. Brandon Scherff
    1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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      Originally posted by 58Miller View Post
      Explain why Bellicheck who has been the best GM in the league isn’t winning now! He lost a HOF Qb just like we did ! Takes time to rebuild.
      Keyword there is rebuild. People seem to not understand that word.
      Adopted Broncos: