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Dare I Ask, Which Other NFL Team(s) Do You like?

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    I grew up in Detroit, so I spent my youth watching Brett Favre light up the Lions. Was amazing to see and my family would always side eye me even to this day.
    Adopted Broncos:


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      I usually end up rooting for one team over the other for whatever reason.

      There might even be times I don’t get upset when the Raiders win. Shhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
      My Opinion isn’t determined by what the Popular Opinion is. Sometimes I agree with the Majority, Sometimes I Don’t. If My Opinion is Different than Yours, I have to Ask One Question:
      You Mad Bro?
      Don’t Be A Mean Girl
      Hell No!!! To the Texans Quarterback!!!


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        I used to think for a long time that I liked other teams because of certain players but I’ve come to the realization that I’m more of a fan of their philosophies. I started watching football when Denver won their first super bowl. I became a fan because I thought the logo was the coolest thing ever and the starting RB (who was really good) shared my dad’s last name.

        As you all know at that time and for most of the next decade we were a run heavy team that had some smash mouth players on defense and I fell in love with that style of play. So I find myself rooting for teams that run the ball a lot and play physical defense.

        Except the Steelers, will never forgive them for ruining 2005. I also hated the Ravens for a long time until they drafted Jackson. And I briefly hated the Falcons for beating us in 04 I believe but started watching them again when they signed Michael Turner.