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Big Trades Can Be "Win Win" - Buffalo/Minnesota (So Far)

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  • Big Trades Can Be "Win Win" - Buffalo/Minnesota (So Far)

    I don't know all the details of the Buffalo/Minnesota deal that sent Stefon Diggs and a 7th, for what turns out to be Justin Jefferson, a 5th, 6th and a 4th in 2022 (as in, who were the lower picks), but I can easily "dig" that up. What's clear to me now is that both teams may have won, and that's the sign of a good deal. Diggs is not only a top tier WR, but has given The Bills one of the key pieces in the puzzle, in their quest to be in serious contention. He and Josh Allen are a perfect combo, and apparently have fast formed a great relationship. Buffalo gave up a lot of draft capital to acquire him, but when you not only the get the best player in a deal (as far as we know today), plus he is a perfect match for your roster and is proving to be in a handful of great WRs in this league, you did very, very well.

    As for The Vikes, the deal looks pretty solid to date. There was some "friction" going on, and what better way to move on is by securing your next quality WR with your first pick of the trade. Jefferson is no doubt a keeper. He is the #1 drafted WR based on first year performance, and looks the part of a star. And by adding a 5th, 6th and a 2022 4th, The Vikes could end up winning this deal. But not knowing where this all goes (as I say, I will check out what they did with each draft pick acquired this year), for now I can safely say that both teams got most of what they wanted, if not more. The only question for me is how they all do beyond this season, because as of now, it looks like a pretty sweet deal.

    And if Buffalo takes the next leap and finds a way to win a SB this year, or even next, and Diggs is a big part of it....they are happy!