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  • Alex Smith Retires

    Alex Smith announces retirement after 16-year NFL career

    I salute Alex Smith. He is the consummate team player. He was an effective QB for much of his career, and in my opinion, very much underappreciated. He was not a whiner or complainer, and how he recovered after that awful injury was simply amazing! It was very serious and required intense and enduring discipline.

    I respect him as much as any player out there. He should be proud, because not only was he a fine QB, but showed the rest how to handle adversity, and accept whatever was thrown in his way. That is leadership at its best! He is a role model and winner at the highest of levels.

    My ultimate respect.....

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    BTW, if you throw for 35,650 yards, 27th all time, you've certainly played your share of games. That bodes well when you consider these highlights:
    • NFL Comeback Player Of The Year (2020)
    • 3 X Pro Bowl (2013, 2016, 2017)
    • NFL passer rating leader (2017)
    Though often called a "game manager' his record was 99-67-1.

    Some interesting NFL records of his:

    NFL records
    • 158.3 passing rating (perfect game) in Week 15, 2013
    • Most passes to start a season without throwing an interception (287, 2017)
    49ers franchise records
    • Most game winning drives in a single season: 6 (2011)
    • Most 4th quarter comeback wins in a single season: 6 (2011)
    • Fewest interceptions in a single season: 5 in 2011 (16 starts)
    • Most consecutive pass attempts without an interception: 249
    Chiefs franchise records
    • Most rushing yards by a quarterback, season: 498 (2015)
    • Most consecutive passes without an interception: 312 (Week 3–Week 14, 2015) 2nd all-time in NFL history
    • Career rushing yards by a quarterback (1,672)
    • Career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback (10)
    • Highest completion percentage, season (min. 200 attempts): 67.1 (2016)
    • Highest completion percentage, playoff game: 77.3 (vs Texans 2015–16 Wild Card Round)
    • Lowest percentage passes had intercepted, career (min. 500 attempts): 1.5
    • Highest completion percentage in a game (minimum 20 passes): 86.4 (Week 6, 2016 against the Oakland Raiders)
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      Last thing...check out his goodbye instagram.

      Did I not mention CLASS yet? 1st class person!! Any team would be lucky to hire him in another capacity.


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        Goodbye Alex Smith.

        Too bad San Francisco couldn’t hold on to an offensive coordinator for your first seven years.
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          Originally posted by broncolee View Post
          Goodbye Alex Smith.

          Too bad San Francisco couldn’t hold on to an offensive coordinator for your first seven years.
          Mike McCarthy, Norv Turner, Jim Hostler, Mike Martz, Jimmy Raye, Greg Roman
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            Good for him. He is a man I highly respect.


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