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  • Salute To Tom Brady

    I didn't mind Brady when he started in this league. I never expected him to be the guy. Late draft pick, kind of soft looking, and really didn't know him. And then this amazing career took place!

    I was not a pats fan in the Belichick/Brady era. I'll be kind today...let's just say I did not like them. That's all. But they were an almost unstoppable force. So many times they kicked me in the gut with their victories, and Brady was the man on the field executing to near perfection. So whether or not I like the guy, the player, or the group he was affiliated with, I can not point out many weaknesses in his game, other than he was not a gifted runner, especially when the game was on the line. And no lead seemed safe when he put his mind to making a comeback. For me, the Atlanta game might have been the most painful, partly because they "choked" (and I do not like using that word), with pathetic time management and some degree of panic. But it was Brady leading his gang back in a way that few other QBs could.

    I do not like calling him the GOAT, but he ranks up there. The rings alone make this an easy choice. But I gauge competitors by the way they scare me when not on my team, and how much I love having them on my team. The dude scared me....a lot.

    I was happy when he left the pats, and glad he made the transition as if he had grown tired of the pats. I recall telling folks back then that I expected Tampa to probably make the playoffs under his leadership, even though not everyone saw it that way. But cmon....another ring!!!! This guy is good!!

    So congratz to you Tom Brady. You were an incredible QB! Good luck in your travels.

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    One last time............


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      A tribute video I made of Tom Brady for his (latest) retirement. Love him or hate him, you can't deny he was one of the QBs in NFL history.BUY MARIJUANA OVER...

      Every time I thought this guy couldn't get luckier, I got proven wrong.

      Right up to the end, making the playoffs with an 8-9 because Mark Ingram wimped out on the sidelines.


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        Tom Brady is a NFL god. In a league that has had the likes of Brown, Rice and LT this dude is a game changer. A franchise builder. One of the few players in the game is who can turn the game all by himself.

        The wins give him all his credentials but the odd thing is my respect came in the way he competed in some of his losses.

        I have been very fortunate to see Qbs win in all kinds of ways. Brady is a chameleon. He can be whatever qb is needed on any given Sunday. People give Belichick all kinds of credit for adapting his team to what the opposing team does. This is impossible without a QB like Brady who can execute these plans. Brady was even smart enough to know when Belichick had reached the end of his greatness and went to another team. Belichick started to hold Brady back and so Brady left.
        When you want to feel negative about the Broncos think of this. Detroit Lions have 1 playoff win in the Super Bowl era in 1992 (1991 season). They are 0-3 in the playoffs since 2000.


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          I wonder if Brady buys Mo Lewis a drink on the anniversary of Bledsoe’s injury. If not for that moment, maybe no one remembers Tom Brady other than his father.
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