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Rhodes to be suspended 4 games

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    I can't wait to see the Chargers & their fans walk around in their new uniforms like "Little Miss Prissies" & watch as they get put in their place when they come to the H.O.T. in 2007. As for the mods on the Dischargers website, sounds like the mods there love to dish it out, but choose the typical-Discharger, chickensh*t method by banning them on the spot when fans of other teams give them a dose of reality & see their team beat the Dischargers.


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      Originally posted by Rauchbier
      Looks like you forgot about 1963. Considering you sound young, you probably weren't around then were ya?
      And you were?
      "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate,
      tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of

      -- Samuel Adams

      sigpicJacks RULE!!!!!!


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        Originally posted by DenBronx
        Adam Shefter just reported on NFL network that newly aquired Rhodes might be suspended 4 games in 07.

        Another great job Davis! Way to build the organization! :clap:
        agree with the davis comment!!!
        GO ANGELS!!!!!!! signed torii hunter!!!


        denver will go 7-9 this year and 12-4 next year and a 14-2 the following year and superbowl appearance by 2010


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          Originally posted by antiwup
          agree with the davis comment!!!

          i basically dont see this organization growing or getting any better until davis is out of the picture. he doesnt care about the comradery in the locker room at all. why sign a guy that wont be able to play the first 4 games of the season???

          lamont jordan really hasnt done anything for the raiders and they need a back really bad to help set up their passing game. in fact a te like graham would have done them wonders but davis doesnt know anything about todays game.

          the raiders should have went after magahee or green. they should still trade moss to green bay keep porter and draft calvin johnson. jamarcus russell isnt going to be good for the raiders but they still need to pick up a mobile qb. i think they would do good by bringing in carr or possibly talking jake out of retirement. i think with the draft pick they pick up from green bay for moss can be easily swapped for plummer to tampa. jake would help out oakland.

          the only bad thing for them is jake would also help out us. now that we have bailey AND bly.