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Marshall Faulk hanging 'em up!!!!

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  • Marshall Faulk hanging 'em up!!!!

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    NFL Network is announcing that Marshall Faulk, one of the all time greats has said that he is going to retire....

    Marshall is going to make it official on Monday @ the owners meetings....

    to Marshall Faulk, one of the best pass catching plus hardnosed RB's in the history of the game!!!!

    1st ballot HOFer for sure
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    Good, I think it would have been depressing to see him come back and try to play again. Definitely a HOFer and a great talent in his prime.

    But I've got to say, he's a terrible TV host. He makes me mad on NFLN.

    RIP D-Will and Nash


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      A to marshall. One of the best RB's ive ever seen play.
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        Originally posted by evendelae
        But I've got to say, he's a terrible TV host. He makes me mad on NFLN.
        My thoughts exactly.

        He'll be a HOF though.


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          Great runningback.

          He will be a HOF without a doubt.


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            good for him! he got a superbowl ring and league mvp! i think its time for him! i knew he would be gone once tiki hung it up and dillon decided to hang'em up too.
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              Damn..loved the Marshall


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                Best RB i have ever seen play


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                  Marshall is a classy guy and one hell of a RB. I can relate to what Rams fans got to see every Sunday because I was fortunate to see him play while he played for the Aztecs (SDSU) and he was amazing then. I am still bummed that he didn't win the Heisman trophy his sophmore year, which he should've won instead of Gino Toretta (I think). I wish him all the best and hope he remains on the NFL network.
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