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Do QBs that have been cut hire personal coaches?

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  • Do QBs that have been cut hire personal coaches?

    I was looking at some of these QBs drafted high out of college who went bust in the nfl, then I started thinking, do some of them hire coaches, or even top QB coaches to help make them better so they can make a team, or even start?

    I thought about boxers who became so much better under a different trainer. With the millions they got from their initial signing, I'd assume they can afford some real good ones.

    Seems such a waste that top QB prospects go bust in the league.

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    It's a sad thing, but its inevitable. If everyone becomes a success there will be no room on teams.

    QBs can last a dozen years, and a dozen of them come out of college every year. 32 teams...

    There's not gonna be enough room for em to play in the pros.

    It's just natural selection and luck.


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      Some may. It depens on may things like their dedication to the sport, there skill(if they were drafted in the 7th round they dont have much of a chance to make it in the NFL).


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        i dont doubt that they have personal trainers if they are sitting out a year or so and want to play still

        Ryan Leaf could probably been good if precautions were taken with him and he was kept away from media and babied etc.

        RIP Darrent It's been one year, Gone but never Forgotten.

        I Adopted JayCutler4MVP!!! and DJ Williams


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          Yeah. If I were Ryan Leaf, I'd spend some of that signing money on hiring someone, like a Bill Walsh or something, or maybe even some sports psychologists. Maybe some great retired qb coaches. And even get some pros to practice with as sparring partners.