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  • New Jersey Giants?

    Proposed Law Will Force Teams Playing in New Jersey to Take 'New York' Out of Names

    HACKENSACK, N.J. — Normally it is Jersey fans who gripe that they don't get any respect from pro sports teams that play at the Meadowlands in East Rutherford but have "New York" in their names.

    But three New York assemblymen recently sponsored a bill to stop football's Giants and Jets and soccer's Red Bulls from using the Empire State's name or abbreviation because they don't play their home games in New York.

    "At the very least, the location of the place where a team plays should be accurate, and reflect where they actually play their home games," Assemblyman Ivan Lafayette, of Queens, writes in the bill, as reported by The Record of Bergen County in Saturday newspapers.

    The legislation wasn't started here, but it seems to have some supporters in the Garden State.

    "That bill does sound like a Jersey thing, which is ironic considering that over here we basically seem to have given up on this," George Zoffinger, head of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority told the newspaper. "But I think with all the money we give these teams, they should be called 'New Jersey."'

    So far the bill — co-sponsored by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz of the Bronx and Felix Ortiz of Brooklyn — only applies to sports teams.

    Officials from the three teams have adamantly said that they aren't going to change their names.

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    So would this be just for the Giants, or the Jets and Red Bulls too?

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      Originally posted by Lorcust
      So would this be just for the Giants, or the Jets and Red Bulls too?
      The article states that it would apply to the Jets, Giants and Red Bulls.

      Anything to do with professional sports.

      Pretty goofy, huh?



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        Could they legally even do that?

        Those teams are private organizations, and their names are recgonized by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Can a state law supercede a federally recognized trademnarked name?

        Also, technically, the Jets are based in NY. Nassau County, I believe. Somewhere on Long Island.

        The Giants, though, they do all their business in New Jersey. How exactly will NY state make their law apply to a team that doesn't even do business in their state?

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          That would be great!!!

          Finally, teams for NJ.

          I agree with this, they play in NJ, they shouldn't be called NY.

          The NJ Jets and the NJ Giants.

          Doesn't sound nearly as good as NY



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            Reminds me when I used to watch the Nets when they had Kenny Anderson and Derrick Coleman. They were playing the Knicks in New Jersey, but towards the end of the game, when they were getting beaten up by the Knicks, their own homecourt fans started cheering for the Knicks. The NJ fans were really closet NY fans, I felt bad for the Nets. It was a different time, specially when Kid came to town.

            NJ doesn't get the respect they desserve when compared to NY.