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What City would you like to see with a NFL franchise?

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    I currently think that the league with the amount of teams it has right now works beautifully, for the reasons listed.

    If a team were to re-locate, then I understand why the league wants a team in L.A. With revenue sharing and a hard cap, every team gets more TV money from a team being in that market. I think Toronto would embrace it, as long as it was not a team like the Cardinals.....CHEAP. Not that you can win every year, but if your fans believe that you are trying, you'll be ok up there. They wouldn't have the same disparity problems that the NHL and MLB have, because again, you have the hard cap, and Toronto is a BIG market. Bigger than a lot of current NFL markets. The NFL would just need to adjust the cap (in Canadian dollars) for a Canadian team based on the exchange rate on a day agreed upon by all the owners. The only really bad problem I see with a Canadian team is that if (and lets hope this never happens) one of the countries economies goes seriosuly in the toilet (not like now, but something REALLY serious) the exchange rate goes up or down and screws the paychecks after the exchange rate.

    Expansion I do not want to see happen.

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      I would love it so much if Alaska got an NFL team...And thats what I voted for too just because I am biased to the best state in the US...But right now I just dont think we have enough people in Anchorage..We almost have 400,000 people...In 15 years the projected population is supposed to be around a million and then maybe then we can get an NFL team...We could be called the Alaskan Assasins..There has been rumors though that we might get an Arena football team soon, that would be really cool too...And for all of you who think Alaska is a big chunk of ice where people live in igloos and ride dog sleds every where think again, cause its the most bueatiful state in the United States..


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        Imagine, the Birmingham Bug Zappers!

        I also told my friend once that the Broncos were moving to Louisville, Kentucky and would be playing in a new stadium named after Colonel Sanders. She did not believe me. Imagine, the old red chicken at the 1950s KFC greeting Broncos fans. You could eat all that fried chicken and Taco Bell and wash it down with a cold A&W Root Beer Float.


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          prolly won't be norfolk va should be though . I beleive that is where the expos end up
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            Originally posted by Ravage!!!
            Las Vegas would be a cool and very viable option.
            After living there for 11 years, I can say that Vegas would not work. The NFL has never attempted to go there, but every other professional team that has attempted to survive there has failed. They currently have arena ball in their second year and attendance is already dropping.

            They failed with the CFL and even though the XFL failed as a league, the attendance at those games dropped drastically as the season went on.

            We were so happy to get the hell out of there. That city needs an enema.
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