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    Originally posted by Corndog
    I really didn't think their team was that strong last year,especially after the injuries.They really had some major issues,but they still did surprisingly well.Their receiving corps really was nothing anyone would have wanted on their team.Caldwell and Gaffney as starters?That's a joke.They'll have to have a good Spring training to just make the team this year.As I said, they were loaded without Moss at receiver this year,but I think it's a load of crap his legs are gone.I'll bet there isn't a player that can outrun him on the Patriots roster.Maybe he just hasn't been in top shape,which will be corrected at NE.I never have been a big Moss fan,but man is that guy athletic.
    True. It came out in the media that Moss ran a 40 yard dash recently and he was still timed in the 4.3 range. It is just wishful thinking to say he has lost his speed.
    "And we all know that stats don't mean anything if you don't have the wins to back them up"-ChampWJ

    It's a good thing Jay Cutler was a proven winner in college. Oh wait, nevermind.