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    Originally posted by The|Snake#16
    The Texans need someone to emerge at RB, whether it be a rookie or one of the guys that've been on the roster a year or two. Ahman Green is not the answer, everyone knows that, it's time for them to find some young talent. Schaub was a huge risk, I don't see why you would ship out Carr (Who I believe is giong to be great given a solid o-line and an overall better offense in Carolina) for someone who has no experience in the league?
    I understand that Ahman's best years are behind but I think he'll be good for a couple more years.he's in great Shape and is coming of a 1000 yd season so I think he'll be ok.Kubiak is especially high on Chris Taylor,RB out of Indiana.He has very good speed and has excellent size weighing 222 lbs. He nearly broke a hundred yds. in our last game.So If he produces I think he''ll be the future at RB.
    I hate it how much people keep exagerrating our Oline,we gave up less sacks than the seahawks and about 8 other teams and that was with three starters injured most of the season,our starting LT tackle went down in week 2 with a broken leg and missed the rest of the season.Face-it David is a bust he had weapons available to him but still threw only one TD pass the entire second half of the season.I hope he does start for carolina just so everyone can see their sack total rise and see the true David Carr.