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L.J. Heading to the Cowboys?

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    Originally posted by Lorcust
    He's not going to the cowgirls...
    I agree. I dont see LJ going anywhere, at least in the close future. Now, after this season is an all new discussion. I stand by what i said when i said LJ is worth more than $1.7 million, because he is. If the chiefs were smart(which obviously there are no clear signs that they are), they would lock this guy up long-term. I know i would want him long term, so then all he has to worry about is his health, and producing on the field.
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      Unless KC has decided that this is going to be a rebuilding year, they can't afford to give up LJ. He and a tight end oriented passing attack was the bulk of their offense.

      If they have decided to start over then, now, would be the ideal time to trade LJ. As the second best RB in the NFL, he would bring draft picks or a trade for quality, younger players.

      I can't really believe that they want to rebuild right now but who knows what King Carl is thinking?