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  • Found this interesting

    Found this on the Falcons MB..Lenord Little was driving drunk and got into a car crash that killed an innocent woman, and when he was pretty much let off for nothing, people were upset but not nearly as upset as I have seen people on this board or people on TV hating on Vick.. I would rather have 100 innocent dogs die than an innocent human..

    Now in no way am I defending Vick or saying what he is being accused of doing is right.. I find dog fighting extremely disturbing but I just thought it was interesting that Vick is getting all this hatred for dog fighting but Little killed a woman and didnt get anything compared to what Vick is getting..


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    I'm going to disagree with your 100 and 1 comment, as I would rather have a human die than 100 dogs.

    But also, Vick wasn't even the killer off those 66 dogs, while Little directly killed that one woman, so I must agree with you on everything else.
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      best post from that thread -
      "I'll tell you right now in all honesty, and this is from a guy who lost a cousin & 4 friends to drunk drivers (all is separate incidents) I would be a world easier on Vick if it was an accidental death caused by Drinking than years of cold and calculated cruelty. "