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Anybody read Johnny U?

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  • Anybody read Johnny U?

    I see this book in the specialty bookstore (as football isn't really big here), and I glimpse through the inside .... COOL!!!!!

    A totally different time; it's like men playing a boy's sport. One guy there went to college AFTER serving in the war, then later playing Pro football. Puts a whole lot of things in perspective.

    Some of the football players are pro wrestlers in the off season.

    The way some scenes are described, it's like Unitas and his offense deciding what plays to do, like in a playground; like if they know that one of their receivers can easily take the opposition's corner, and they laugh about it and not use it until they can burn him later in the game for a sure score.

    In one game, I think college, Unitas not only plays QB, he rushes, kick returns, and plays defense, making solid tackles. He gives it his all on offense, defense, and kick returns, and when they lose the game, the crowd gives him a standing ovation. In the locker room, they have to cut his jersey off because he can't lift up his arms.

    It's one thing to be a Michael Jordan in basketball, but in football? Talk about an Iron-Man!

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    And these guys didnt make the big bucks they do today....

    Your right....a totally different time.....

    and just like baseball players,these guys had to get real jobs

    in the off season to have some money and be able to live and

    pay their bills...

    Todays players are so spoiled....
    Tony G

    The Chefs


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      You're right, there are some brats, but there are a lot of hard workers as well.