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    If Vick winds up in the clink, I wonder if the Falcons would be calling up Jake. He would fit them better than Harrington. He might come out of the woods for that job, as long as he's not a Bronco I don't care what he does.


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      Originally posted by broncolee View Post
      Believe what you want. It's not true. He can get married and have kids without retiring. Players do it all the time. If he hadn't been replaced as the starter he would still be a Bronco. If he wanted to retire, then why didn't he tell the front office and make an announcement soon after the last game? Why did he wait until after a was trade was negotiated before letting the front office know that he wanted to retire? Where's the paperwork? Telling a few teammates that he's considering retiring isn't the same thing as telling the front office that it's pointless to trade him because he's retiring. Until Shanahan comes out and says he put Cutler in as the starter because Plummer told him of his intentions to retire, there's no reason to believe that Jake "retired" because he wanted to get married, have kids, and roam the woods of Idaho. When he didn't get traded to a team that was automatically going to make him the starter, he decided that he was going to quit. That's the only thing that explains his actions, unless the aforementioned admission from Shanahan is forthcoming. If he had already made the decision to retire before the season had ended, why not just go directly to Sundquist and Shanahan and tell them that he was retiring after the last game of the season? Given the death of Darrent Williams, the team could have withheld Jake's decision from the media for a while and then made it public. I don't think he made a decision until he realized he was never going to be a starter in the NFL again, or that at least there was a real chance that he wouldn't. Personally, I think he could have beaten out Garcia if he had bothered to try.
      Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
      NO.. YOU couldn't be more wrong. If Jake was still in Denver, and we didn't draft Cutler.. Jake would NOT have retired from football. The reasons you typed out are NOT reasons to retire. He retired because he lost the drive to compete for another starting role.. again.. in a new location.. again. He Retired because Cutler took his job.

      Nontheless. The Bucs can call it whatever they want, and by the rules governed by Players Union and the NFL, the Buccaneers will have the right to recoup the money that Jake received as a signing bonus. Its been done before, the precedent is set, and Jake most probably doesn't have a leg to stand on about it.

      But oh well. Not my problem.
      No. All ya'll are wrong.......

      If ya'll can speculate, so can I.


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        Originally posted by rcsodak View Post
        Looks like somebody lost some money on a Jake-led game.....


        Ever think about what you just said?

        If that had been the case, and Shanny still traded him, Shanny/Broncos would have been in major legal trouble.

        How about dropping the HATE JAKE diatribe and move on.

        He was the best QB in the last 30+yrs, less Elway.
        Maybe you should take a reading comprehension class. If Jake had just gone to the FO and Shanahan with his intent to retire immediately after the last game, they presumably wouldn't have tried to trade him. Oh, by the way, they did trade him after he claimed he was retiring. The thing that made it OK to do that is that the Bucs were aware of the circumstances surrounding the trade and Plummer hadn't filed the paperwork. Has anyone seen Jake turn in the paperwork yet? But like I said, if the Broncos organization had known about Jake's supposed intentions to retire beforehand, they probably wouldn't have tried to make the first trade attempt prior to Jake claiming that he was retiring.

        Maybe you should understand what you're reading before you make smarta$$ remarks.

        I'll assume that you mean he was the best Broncos' QB in the last thirty years apart from Elway. If you think that he was the second best QB of all time in NFL history, then you need more than just a reading comprehension class to make it in this world.
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          I think he is holding off the retirement papers so you all have something to bicker about. It sounds like a hen house here.