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    Originally posted by RaiderFanSD View Post
    Don't know why the Broncos don't ever wear these... these are badass

    Yes those were the best bronco uniforms by far


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      I personally like the simplicity of the Browns'. I'm a fan of classic appeal.
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        I'm not too fond of the Chargers home uniforms. i think the lightning bolt on the side is creative, but throws it off. i think it looks good on the powder blue uniform tho.

        The Raiders have very simple uniforms, but they actually are pretty good.

        The Chiefs uniforms suck lol

        I love all our uniforms. Mainly our orange one.

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          i liked the old charger uniforms a lot more. the new ones you guys wear now arent as good in my opinion.


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            Best AFCW unis are the Broncos orange ones they rule

            I actually dont mind the new Chargers unis

            But the best in the N.F.L. gotta be the Lions throwbacks i love those
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              Broncos White/Orange
              Chargers White/Navy Blue(the light blue ones look like ish)
              Chiefs Red
              Raidas Black

              Really I like all the uni's in the division though.

              Worst jerseys are easily NFC North's.


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                I LOVE our orange uni's. I would have to agree that the Chef's have the ugliest unis' in the division.

                My favorite in the league is the Jags uni's though. I love their helmet how it is a chameleon color, but the uni's are really nice as well.
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                  Our white, orange and brown+white throwback unis all rule.

                  Powder blue chargers one is nice, to be fair.

                  Loved this throwback last year though:

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                    Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16 View Post
                    i liked the old charger uniforms a lot more. the new ones you guys wear now arent as good in my opinion.
                    I was about to agree when I realized that I like the new uniforms, just not sure I like the white helmet.

                    Chiefs and Raiders both have classic uniforms and good colors, can't say anything against them.

                    I think I'd actually put the Broncos and Chargers on the bottom of the "best uniforms" list.

                    Anyone know how many times the Chargers have changed their uniforms compared to the rest of the league? Not sure if we are at the top but I think we are close.


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                      Browns jerseys are the best.




                      But, a BIG HELL NO to the following:

                      The Browns are gone; I'm not a fan of the Impostors

                      The real Browns are in Baltimore, see?


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                        The current Chargers uniforms aren't good. The idea is decent, but poorly executed.

                        Should've kept the navy helmet and changed the bolt so the inner navy outline was powder blue instead. The font is okay, still not sure how I feel about it compared to the classic block one. The need for an insert for the bolts on the shoulders and the pants is unnecessary as the outermost outline would be yellow.

                        That's how I would fix up the Chargers uniforms.

                        The best uniform set in the west is the Broncos orange alternate, no doubt that should be the primary set.

                        I like tradition as much as the next guy, but both the Raiders and Chiefs uniforms need some updating badly.


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                          I am not a Browns fan but damn those are sexy uniforms. I have said it in this thread before and I think the Browns uniforms are the best in the NFL. Maybe second to the Orange Broncos uniforms but if I wasn't bias, it would definitely be the Browns.