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  • Marcus McNeil update post here

    McNeill, Smith meet at Chargers Park

    Erstwhile left tackle Marcus McNeill requested and was granted an audience with Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith on Wednesday, several sources said.

    However, as Chargers fans await a miracle and word their 6-foot-7, 336-pound two-time Pro Bowler is back protecting Philip Rivers, the results of the meeting appear to have been negligible.

    McNeill parked in front of the building, went upstairs and met alone with Smith.

    Sources said the meeting produced nothing tangible, certainly not a movement toward the long-term deal McNeill desires.

    The meeting, according to sources, was requested by McNeill so both sides could get a clearer understanding of where they stood. It was also a statement to the team that McNeill is in lock-step with his agent.

    McNeill, a two-time Pro Bowler at left tackle, has not reported to camp and is unlikely to sign his one-year contract tender any time soon.

    Neither McNeill’s agent, Alvin Keels, nor Smith would confirm the meeting.

    “I wish you would listen to me,” Smith said when asked about McNeill’s visit. “As I’ve said before, I’m done talking about Marcus McNeill until he returns. If he does return, I would be more than happy to talk about him.”

    McNeill and receiver Vincent Jackson were scheduled to be unrestricted free agents this past offseason, but the fact 2010 is the final year of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the players and owners means that the requirement to be unrestricted rose from four years of service to six. Jackson has played five seasons, McNeill four.

    Jackson and McNeill were given the highest possible tenders for a restricted free agent, $3.268 million to Jackson and $3.168 million to McNeill.

    The Chargers informed the players and their agents they would reduce the tenders to 110 percent of their 2009 salary if they did not sign by June 15. When the players did not, McNeill's new tender was $630,000 and Jackson's was $583,000.

    McNeill and Jackson stayed away from Chargers Park all offseason and are sitting out camp, unhappy the team has not given them long-term deals and not wanting to risk injury. Both are said by those close to them to be committed to staying out, perhaps for the entire season.

    The players received letters last week informing them of the Chargers’ intentions to place them on the Roster Exempt List if they did not sign by this Friday. Being on the list requires a player to miss three games after he signs. He can practice with his team but not play until those three games have passed.

    Many Chargers players knew about the meeting, as word spread throughout the building that McNeill was there. Also, a few teammates remain in contact with McNeill. They had been hopeful the meeting was going to produce progress.

    For now, the Chargers go ahead with Brandyn Dombrowski, Tra Thomas and Tyronne Green as their left tackles.

    A day after Green took all the first-team snaps at the position, he sat with an ankle injury that will almost certainly keep him out of Saturday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

    Head coach Norv Turner said Dombrowski will start Saturday.
    So far...not so good! But at least there is some forms of communication going on....hopefully he will sign soon!!!

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    As a fan of the NFL, I would say that I hope they get this solved soon. The more competition, the better the NFL looks.

    As a fan of the Broncos, I hope this goes on all season


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      Originally posted by broooks77 View Post
      As a fan of the NFL, I would say that I hope they get this solved soon. The more competition, the better the NFL looks.

      As a fan of the Broncos, I hope this goes on all season
      it likely will.


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        Originally posted by baphamet View Post
        it likely will.
        I will celebrate accordingly :dance:

        But seriously, this blows for the chargers.. You guys still are dominate but I'm sure Rivers will miss his blindside blocker.

        Guys like this bother me though. I know they want a ton of money but come on. Holding out for almost an entire season is ridiculous. If I'm a head coach I would just sit them for the entire season. If you aren't going to be there from beginning to end (other than injury reasons or other legitimate reasons to miss time) then don't expect to come back midway through the year and expect to be welcome with open arms.



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          I don't blame AJ if McNeill is looking for a top dollar contract, he's pretty overrated anyway.


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            Alvin Keels is a toolbox. I didn't realize he was McNeil's agent, but it goes a long way toward explaining the standoff.
            HEAR ME ROAR!
            Thanks to Freyaka for the great sig!


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              Originally posted by baphamet View Post
              it likely will.
              Baph is right, unfortunately. When McNeill and Jackson refused to come in for the 3.8M and the result was a tender offer of 600k, that meant each side was committed to the hold out.

              The players lost way too much money on this to give up now. The team has also backed itself into a corner.

              This one won't end easily.

              I have to tell you as a Bronco fan that I'm thrilled. Between this and Jackson, I'm thinking we can take the division. I think we'd be competitive either way, but this just makes it a tiny bit easier.

              Chargers fans can't be happy. I now understand the hate for AJ that's there. It's crappy that the players held out in the first place, but this one-upmanship isn't helping and only makes it so that neither side can reasonably back down.


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                I was encouraged by what I've seen and heard about Dombrowski and Green. I would venture to guess that both of those guys will be better run-blockers than McNeill, who simply hasn't been as willing to lower his shoulders since his neck injury in preseason 2007. He still has the strength, quick feet and wingspan of an elite left tackle, but he's either unwilling or unable to pave the way in the run game like he did back in 2006, when LT had his record-breaking season running mostly pitches and off-tackle to the left.

                Dombrowski is a physical guy who stepped in at guard and right tackle last year, and did well. He may not be quick enough or crafty enough to stay in front of premiere speed-rushers, however.

                Green is a mystery, who at 6'2" seems too short to play left tackle. But alas, he did well against the Bears, and was practicing with the first team at left tackle before rolling his ankle yesterday. I haven't heard of too many left tackles his height, but apparently he has a freakish wingspan so that will help him.

                Tra Thomas returned from arthroscopic knee surgery, but he's an old man. If he has to start a game, we are in trouble.