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I've gotta' know Charger fans...

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  • I've gotta' know Charger fans...

    Where's the love for Junior Seau?

    I don't see much love for the guy from a lot of you guys. Maybe it's because many of you are too young to remember what he was like in his prime, due to the fact he played for nearly 20 years (which would be impossible if he wasn't an athletic freak). I wonder if many of you get your opinion of him from his last 4 or 5 years with the team when he had lost a step or two...?

    Junior's prime was in the 90's, when he was the leader of the team that won the franchise's single conference championship. Junior was a 250 freak of nature that ran a 4.5 40. In the last two decades he and Ray Lewis are the two most dominant MLB's I have seen, and Ray is not clearly in front in that comparison.

    So, what's the problem Charger fans?

    Why is LT considered the greatest Charger ever?

    IMO it's Seau.
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    I think its easier to be considered the greatest Player ever for a specific team if you're on offense, just the way it is IMO.

    I love Seau though, My earliest NFL memory was of him picking off Elway to end the game. That was our SB year. I still have the News paper from the day they cut him loose, it was on the front of the union tribune if i remember correctly.

    Ahhh the Seau and Harrison days, we might of lost a lot of games but those guys always seemed to bring it.


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      Yeah, offense always gets to shine more or at least brighter.
      I remember working at Jack Murphy Stadium at the time and Seau was definitely a fan favorite also because he was a local guy.
      I think I still have one of his "SAY-OW" T-shirts.


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        IMO, Seau was the best player the Chargers ever had, and WAAAAY better than LT.

        Now I'm not old enough to remember Allworth, but am old enough to remember the Fouts era. The only guy that comes close to Seau in terms of freak ability was actually Winslow. Like Winslow before him, the NFL had never really seen an athletic freak of nature like Seau before. Even to this day how many 250lb LBs run a 4.5 40?

        I saw Lawrence Taylor play, and as great as he was, I believe Seau was the better, more physically gifted player. LT revolutionized the game in part because of the system he played in, the coaches, the players around him (no one can argue that LT had a way greater supporting cast than Seau), and the fact that when he came into the league NFL left tackles weren't nearly as athletic.

        A lot of people don't realize that in college Seau was a 34 OLB who had something like 19 (I'm too lazy to look up the exact number) sacks his last year in college, but the Chargers converted him to ILB. He still managed to put up impressive sack numbers over his career.

        Speaking of that '94 game against the Broncos, that was one of many other-worldly games by Seau, and oddly enough, Seau was interviewed after the game by none other than LT. LT was absolutely blown away by Seau and absolutely gushed over him. Seau called LT "The Man" and LT said "No, You are The Man!" You basically got the feeling that LT, as great as he was, felt that Seau was an even better player than him.

        Finally, Seau made 12 Pro-Bowls, playing in San Diego. I'll say that again, Seau made 12 Pro-Bowls playing in San Diego. That's absolutely amazing. I truly believe if he had played for a different team, i.e. the Giants, Cowboys, Bears, etc., he would be considered by many people the best linebacker of all time. He is the only Charger that, IMO, can even be considered as one of the top 5 or so at his position ever.


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          I didn't really watch that many chargers games in the 90s, except when the played the broncos. I didn't really start watching other teams play until the last decade, so i only caught the latter half of Seau's career. But I thought he played really well even as a 35+ old backer. He had like 3 picks in a game for the Pats one year, which is ridiculous for any lb, let alone an older guy.
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