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  • Congrats...

    The Chargers looked like a team on a mission...
    KC looked like they were in a foreign country...and had lost thier GPS.

    Props to the SD Chargers.

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    Classy post. It was a perfect storm. Chargers fighting for their playoff lives, at home, after a humiliating loss, and going against a team without it's starting QB. Don't read too much into the loss as a Chiefs fan. I'm sure you guys will bounce back when Cassel is back. I just hope you drop at least 1 of the next 3 games. 10-6 might just be good enough for a wildcard, the way the Jets are swooning.

    If the Chargers and Chiefs both win out, and the Jets drop 2 of their last 3, we will meet again in KC for the wildcard game. That would be fun to watch.


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      Concur, very classy post! :thumb:

      Despite playing at home & taking advantage of a team that was missing it's starting QB, we still need help in the form of some other team beating KC in order to win the division, assuming that we win out which is far from assured.

      If Cassel can't go against the Rams this weekend, I'd start to worry if I were a Chiefs fan....
      “I’m your huckleberry!”


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        I'm just thankful the games still have meaning especially after last week.


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          cassell didnt play, this game means as much as denvers season means, NOTHING


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            Originally posted by Mr.17.5 View Post
            cassell didnt play, this game means as much as denvers season means, NOTHING
            I disagree...

            It exposed some of the hidden flaws in the KC defense...and showed that the KC run game CAN be stalled...and I'm pretty sure the Rams coaching staff has viewed the game tape a couple times.

            I don't put the blame for this loss on the lack of Cassel in the was clear KC failed on all fronts...and that San Diego is still completely capable of winning this division.


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              Meh... What are these interlopers doing here?