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Draft Predictions of Big Brass Balls Proportions

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  • Draft Predictions of Big Brass Balls Proportions

    Okay folks, the first round of the draft is tonight and I thought it would be fun to charge up the atmosphere by making some bold draft predictions. Make sure to share yours before you bolt.

    General Predictions

    1. The Patriots will trade down.
    -What can I say, it's a hunch.

    2. Someone will reach on a QB today (Thursday).
    -By that I mean someone using a 1st round pick on a QB at all.

    3. Cam Newton falls.
    -He'll be "entertaining" us all night about when he might actually get picked and then become an "icon" for every future NFL draftee about what NOT to do during your draft interview. (Did feel sorry for the kid when Gruden was talking to him, like putting a poodle in a pen with a hungry coyote.)

    4. Marty Hurney (Panthers GM) has been like this all week.

    5. Shannyhanannahan will grab his QB of the future, welcoming the Redskins to Sucktopia for the next 2 years at least.

    6. The Bengals will draft someone with character flags, because the only stats they care about are the ones on the rap sheet. Seriously though, beginning to think they scout via the police department.

    AFC West predictions

    1. The Cable-less Raiders return to the form of the past 6 years draft-wise.
    -I think he got ousted because he got in the way of Al Davis once too often, and for beating up one of his snitches.

    2. The Chargers will trade up.
    -AJ is like Stalin when it comes to the draft, "not one step back."

    3. Mr. Pioli has a good draft, but it won't even be fully recognized in 5 years.
    -He grabbed playmakers last year, seeing a lot of meat and potatoes this year.

    4. Wondering if something in Dove Valley is on fire cause I am seeing nothing but smoke.
    -Dareus/Miller/Peterson finally comes to an end, and not seeing Miller.

    By the way, turns out a CBA agreement was reached last night.

    Does anyone else feel that this is the Charlie Sheen of drafts? It hypes itself like crazy but there really isn't much there.

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    Cam goes #1
    Denver trades down
    Fairley is our pick
    Austin is not drafted
    Ayers goes to GB
    Baldwin goes to the falcons
    Bills reach for gabbert


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      Wow, I struck out on most of them. To be honest though, I'm just glad AJ stayed put. Hope the kid pans out at DE.
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        Mouton...really? Gonna go get drunk now, and try to forget.

        Wish me luck.