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  • Lack of Leadership?

    We all know how bad the Chargers are right now, it's no secret. They're now in a 4 game losing streak.

    But I was talking to a buddy about this, and it makes some sense. Is at least some of the Chargers issues this year and last attributed to the lack of leader remaining on this team?

    Just look at some of the names who are no longer Chargers either do to trades, cuts or just retirement/age:

    LaDanian Tomlinson (the heart and soul of the chargers for years)
    Darren Sproles (Rivers security blanket)
    Shawne Merriman (defensive leader)
    Kasim Osgood (special teams captain, big time play-maker)

    Other than Rivers, I don't see any guys who are stepping up and trying to be leaders... Weddle is a good player, but he and Jammer are not very vocal. Shaun Phillips is very vocal but he just doesn't seem to command the kind of attention Merriman did.

    And no one was as well respected as L.T. I just don't see the team taking this situation (4-5) as seriously as they have in the past with those guys on the team.
    Rivers is deciding to play bad, just to see how it feels.

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    I was thinking about that this evening. It's funny that you should bring it up. Rivers is the only leader I see on that team. Weddle is to some extent I suppose, but your play makers on D are a bunch of boys in men's bodies.

    That's why it would be helpful if you guys had a strong head coach. Of course AJ is dragging his heels not wanting to admit he made a mistake. I think he's done you guys as much harm as he has good.
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      The Chargers miss Sean Phillips leadership today.He is a big factor on the defense from what i have seen in recent years.That was the main reason i felt the Raiders would win today.


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        Exactly. Since Norv isn't a leader like a Bill Cowher, younger players look to veteran leaders on the team in these types of situations. And there just isn't anyone other than Rivers.

        Shaun Phillips was a huge factor, there was no pass rush today. A lot of confusion in which he could have helped the younger players such as Butler, Laboy, Martin, Thomas etc.
        Rivers is deciding to play bad, just to see how it feels.


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          I see Gates as a leader....but you're right it doesn't seem like much leadership is there.