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The 2014 NFL Draft Haul

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  • The 2014 NFL Draft Haul

    Now that I've had some time to calm down and think about things lets talk about the draft!

    First round, No. 25 pick: CB Jason Verrett, 5-9, 189, TCU

    Ideal size? No, but everything else seems to be there. I think he can come in and instantly make the secondary better. On a rebuilding team that's what you want from a 1st rounder, a starter. Reminds me of last years pick in Fluker, you won't always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need. Heck if he starts it will be a big step up from most of AJ's 1st rounders. I love the kid's attitude, I just hope it shows on the field as "scrappy" and not "chippy" because one of them goes hand in hand with lots of fouls. Some discount his injury history, I don't and it is a concern.

    Second round, No. 50 pick: OLB Jeremiah Attaochu, 6-3, 252, Georgia Tech

    To be honest this was the pick I have the biggest issue with. Giving up that 4th rounder to move up 7 spots is a big deal in a deep draft. Regardless, the kid may have the athletic ability but he is "newish" to the game. Pass rushers are riskier than most but this guy has more boom or bust potential added on top. Certainly a need with Johnson and Freeney getting long in the tooth.

    Third round, No. 89 pick: OL Chris Watt, 6-3, 310, Notre Dame

    Most talking heads aren't a fan of this pick, everyone likes the player but not the value. People have been bringing up that other "higher rated" guards were still available (like Yankey if I recall correctly). I like the prospect, and they clearly wanted him too otherwise they would have traded back or gone in another direction. The Chargers have minute amounts of cap space thanks to still paying two OLT who aren't on the team. Jeromey Clary, by far the worst lineman on offense for YEARS is being paid about 5 mil this year. Watt could mean Clary takes a hike, that alone is worth a 3rd rounder in my book. Seeing as Watt could also move to center gives some flexibility as Hardwick stares down retirement every year. I'd be willing to bet this kid starts this year.

    Fifth round, No. 165 pick: DT Ryan Carrethers, 6-2, 330, Arkansas State

    I have a confession to make. I love good NT's, I was so spoiled when Jamal Williams was in his prime. I saw a little of that back when Aubrayo Franklin stopped in for a year. NT has been a constant weakness on our team which means we get less production out of two otherwise good DE's. The kid seems to fit the position and is a gym freak to boot but finding a good NT is like striking gold. In the 5th round it would be like finding Diamond encrusted gold with a platinum filling. He has the strength and the build, lets see if he has the tenacity and the head for it.

    Sixth round, No. 201 pick: RB Marion Grice, 6-0, 208, Arizona State

    The Chargers have a beyond crowded backfield already. I think this is just taking a flier on BPA in what will be a position of need next year when they jettison Ryan Mathews. Might get some work as a KR if he sticks with the team. It's a shame because it looks like he can play, I think he'll land on a practice squad somewhere.

    Seventh round, No. 240 pick: WR Tevin Reese, 5-10, 163, Baylor

    Terrific athlete, rail thin. Needs to put on weight AND maintain that ridiculous athleticism of his so there's a tall order in itself. I love the pick, the 7th round is for taking chances on someone, and the Chargers took a chance on him. Telesco said he wanted to add speed, well he certainly did that. Serious production in college but unless he bulks up he just isn't going to last in the NFL. Darren Sproles proved it isn't about height, but Sproles is 5'6" and built like a tank. Just looking at the guy makes me want to buy him a Big-Mac...or 4.

    My favorite picks are Watt, Carrethers and Reese.

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    Reese is a risky pick, but that's just fine for the 7th. He's basically Paul Richarsdson, but Richardson gained 20 lbs. since the season.
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