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    Originally posted by Gsam View Post
    I would have given you guys a solid B.

    Mager pick was a big WTH? beyond that however, you guys had a pretty solid draft. I don't agree with trading up for Gordon, but w/e.

    You guys did outstanding in the second half of the draft getting a lot of highly productive players at a value.
    Learning more about these picks as the days go on I think you are right about finding value in rounds 5 & 6. If I'm being honest those were the only two picks my gut was liking even if only for perceived imaginary value.

    One thing to keep in mind (especially for anyone who loves rooting for the underdog) is that San Diego has a huge history of finding players in UDFA. Which now that I think about it, is a point of pride in regards to my Chargers.

    Antonio Gates
    Malcolm Floyd
    Kris Dielman
    Stephen Cooper
    Kassim Osgood
    Mike Tolbert
    Jahleel Addae who will start this year
    Brandon Oliver who started last year and will be a change of pace back this year


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      yeah, it was probably TT's worst draft so far on paper. the fact that he didn't address the DL until the 6th round is quite troubling to me.

      i get the perryman pick because it helps in run defense but a quality NT would have helped much more IMO

      not to mention we only have one starting quality defensive lineman currently.

      that said i am happy we drafted the guy i wanted in the first round, even though we probably didn't need to trade up to get him.

      right now i would give it a C+/B- type grade overall.