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Rolando McClain sued by Alabama Student

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  • Rolando McClain sued by Alabama Student

    Oakland Raiders LB Rolando McClain is being sued by an Alabama student for allegedly hitting him with his car in a 2008 incident, according to CBS 42 Birmingham. The lawsuit states that McClain intentionally hit Matthew Mangham with his car, then hit him a second time throwing Mangham on the hood of McClain's vehicle. Mangham was injured but able to leave the scene. McClain then left to gather additional members of the University of Alabama football team to provide an intimidating and menacing presence. McClain and the other players allegedly found the plaintiff and without provocation verbally and physically assaulted him. Mangham is seeking at least $75,000 in damages from McClain.

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    wouldn't surprise me if the guy suing rolando is making this up

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    Originally posted by BroncoFanBoy View Post

    wouldn't surprise me if the guy suing rolando is making this up
    lol I dont know why either but this sounds like some guy just tryna make a couple bucks. Like Rolando Mclain couldnt just intimidate him by himself


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      not saying it isn't true, but 2 years later.. when he got paid of course


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        I don't know, I feel like if he was going for nothing but money, he would try to milk as much as he can get out of him. But $75,000 dollars would seem reasonable for an altercation like this I suppose. If it were for one millions dollars or more, than it would be fishy in my opinion.


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          Lol people will do anything for money these days. It's funny how it's only been brought up since McClain coming to the NFL making millions.


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            I always find stuff like this hard to believe when somebody takes 2 or 3 or 4 years to finally sue. If it affected you so much, why not sue McClain back in 2008? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that McClain is making serious money now playing football professionally, so I call a big FALSE on this kid's story


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              I love how the allegations surfaced AFTER he made bank in the NFL


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                If this is real, the dude is a moron.

                Lets pretend is 100% truthful, the kid would get wayyy more than $75,000 from alabama boosters to cover it up so McClain didnt get suspended