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Packers Reggie McKenzie now Raiders GM!!!

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    Originally posted by jwhitt1 View Post
    Who knows? I as well as most Raider fans have been praying for a quality GM to clean house......even long before Al died there was a billboard in Oakland asking Al to please hire a GM. McKenzie comes well endorsed by Ron Wolfe, Madden and so many other football "experts". I will support whatever McKenzie deems is best for the Raiders even if that means blowing up most of the team and beginning a 3 or 5 year plan. I`ll take it. The Raiders have been peice mealed together every year for as long as I remember and as a fan I always have high hopes until reality sets in. If Hue is gone, does that blow up any continuity gained the last 2 years and set our O back another year or so? Probably but I`ll take it for the greater good of building a very strong foundation for years to come. The Raiders are not without drafts this year as they have a 4th and 5th and 3 comp picks for Miller, Gallery and Asomugha.... Very few of the current Packers players were first round choices but rather later round players. The Raiders and McKenzie have a history of striking gold in late rounds. Again, if Hue stays, fine....if he is gone, fine again.....time will tell. At least I won`t be complaining of a boring offseason
    was it mckenzie or was it ted thompson
    oakland raders gm
    latavis murray trade bait


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          McKenzie will have the power to fire Hue Jackson

          Reggie McKenzie will have the power to fire Hue Jackson

          Posted by Mike Florio on January 7, 2012, 3:21 PM EST

          After the passing of Raiders owner Al Davis, coach Hue Jackson inherited significant power and influence over the football operation. With the arrival of G.M. Reggie McKenzie, plenty of the juice will shift to McKenzie.

          Per a source with knowledge of the situation, McKenzie will have one additional piece of authority, via his contract with the team — the ability to fire Jackson.

          Although McKenzie and Jackson are jointly represented by agent Kennard McGuire, there’s a sense in some circles that McKenzie will want to hire his own man. Earlier today, Chris Mortensen of ESPN suggested that Packers assistant head coach/inside linebackers coach Winston Moss could succeed Jackson, who has coached the Raiders for only one season.

          It’s believed that Jackson has damaged his stock in Oakland via statements made in the wake of Sunday’s home loss to the Chargers, which caused the Raiders to miss the postseason for the ninth straight year. To stay, Jackson will have to submit to the new structure and accept the fact that his influence as to football matters necessarily will diminish.


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            According to three sources close to the team, Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie will be keeping Hue Jackson as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders in 2012.

            My sources said it's ridiculous to think the new Raiders GM will fire Hue Jackson this year.

            One of the sources said, "Reggie McKenzie and Hue Jackson are joined at the hip. They are proud to be on the same team. Hue is delighted he can now focus on what he does best, which is coach. Reggie and Hue have the same Sports Agent, Ken McGuire, to think there's a riff between these guys is simply ridiculous."

            I've learned that McKenzie and Jackson are very good friends who see eye to eye on the changes the Oakland Raiders need to make to become a Super Bowl contender.

            There are national reports that state McKenzie may consider replacing coach Hue Jackson. I'm not here to argue with other reporters, I just want to let our CSN viewers and readers know what I'm hearing. I realize you can't always trust your source, but in this case, I'm positive Hue Jackson is here to stay. He will remain the head coach of the Oakland Raiders for the 2012 season, and most likely, much longer.

            The Raiders will introduce Reggie McKenzie as their new GM, during a press conference at 2pm Tuesday. You can watch the press conference on Comcast SportsNet California and

            Read more: Sources: Jackson to remain Raiders head coach
            Tune to SportsNet Central at 6, 10:30 and midnight on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area for more on this story


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              Hue hasn't gotton any assurances, yet


              Hue hasn’t gotten any assurances, yet
              Posted by Mike Florio on January 8, 2012, 9:48 AM EST

              There was a report making the rounds last night that Raiders coach Hue Jackson already has received an assurance from new G.M. Reggie McKenzie that Jackson will return in 2012. Though it’s possible that Jackson eventually will receive such a guarantee, a source with direct knowledge of the situation tells us that hasn’t happened, yet.

              While tracking down the truth on this one, we’ve learned that McKenzie will indeed have full control over the football operations, notwithstanding any power or influence Jackson may have acquired and/or usurped following the passing of owner Al Davis. And we’ve confirmed that McKenzie will have the power to hire and fire the head coach of the team.

              McKenzie, who’ll be officially introduced as the new G.M. on Tuesday, and Jackson soon will commence a series of meetings and communications, which may have already begun, regarding the future of the team. Agent Kennard McGuire, who represents both men, is believed to be working hard to ensure that the two men are on the same page. And despite speculation and/or rumors that Jackson could be on the way out, there’s no reason — yet — to believe that McKenzie will decide to move on from Jackson.

              Still, it’s not impossible that a change will be made. And in large part the outcome will hinge on whether Jackson is willing to retreat from being an NFL head coach with considerable power over personnel to simply being an NFL head coach. When the alternative is being a former NFL head coach, it would be wise for Jackson to kiss McKenzie’s ring (or other regions) and comply with the wishes of the new boss.


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                If Jackson keeps his ego in check, defers the play calling to Saunders and just sticks to being the HC, he should do well and I see no reason for him to go. Number 1 priority for the Raiders is to build a defense the likes we haven`t had in years. The offense will put points on the board but we need a D that can make stops.


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                  The new era in Oakland officially begins tomorrow. For the 99.9% of opposing fans who said the Raiders won't get better until Al Davis is no longer running the team, we'll soon find out if these words ring true. I, as always, am cautiously optimistic.

                  A few things need to be ironed out first, so this may take a few years before McKenzie's vision is fully realized. These are not his players or his coaches. I'm sure he has a few "replacements" in mind already, particularly Winston Moss, another former Raider, as a coach in the organization. Rumors are that Winston Moss will be the new head coach if Hue Jackson's services are no longer needed. While Hue's job security is not set in stone, having Moss or anyone as his replacement for the 2012 season is purely speculation. Having Moss in the organization in any capacity is a step in the right direction in my opinion.

                  Mr. McKenzie is probably planning on turning us into the Packers of the West. He's highly regarded in league circles and has gained experience by working in the Packer organization for 18 years. But with that said, this is first stint as a GM, so there could be growing pains along the way. Obviously the Packers front office is the antithesis of the Raider way, so those Raiders you knew of the past, at least in an organizational sense, is just that, a thing of the past.

                  McKenzie's ability as an evaluator of talent combined with his experience in Green Bay could be the best thing to happen to the Raiders since, well, since Al Davis. As we all say, time will tell.

                  Ironic trivia: Mr. Davis drafted Reggie McKenzie in the 10th round of the 1985 draft. 1985 is seen by most (including myself) as the last year of the true legend of the Raider Mystique, as they never dominated since, and since have been more slogan than swagger. Could this be a sign? Stay tuned.


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                    I never doubted the story.I was 100 percent confident Hue Jackson would get fired.


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                      Originally posted by BroncoSexyDaddy View Post
                      What do you think his first move will be
                      Here is the proof


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                        He`s really taking his time with his HC hiring.......glad he is doing due diligence.