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A Big What if....but think about it.

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  • A Big What if....but think about it.

    What if John Gruden has already had a conversation with the owner and FO and they never wanted Carr after this season? So what if the Raiders thought or knew the ramifications of the Mack trade and knew that they needed soo much help including a new QB that keeping Mack was not going to allow them to pick early enough to do what they needed to.

    Overall they have an aging O-line, a QB who has not shown he can play at the same level he did previously, a defense who is poor and no real pass rush to speak of with Mack gone. What they have shown is that Gruden knows his football. Why....simple the scripted plays and the starts to these games shows as much. The Raiders have lead each of their first three games and then lost in the 4th.