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  1. Crush Arizona
    Crush Arizona
    Just joined you folks, I live in Tucson , Arizona and I am a long way from the southstands but hope to make Denver my home someday. I made the Broncos my team at the tender age of 6 way back in 1972 cause I liked Horseys then. Been serious since 76 when I was ten. I whear the team logo on my right shoulder , man it is a bad ass tattoo that sez BRONCOHOLIC 4 LIFE on it. AS FOR BEER NEVER DRINK FROM ANY BOTTLE THAT LOOKS LIKE IT MAY BE RED STRIPE,,,YUCK HAVE YOU GUYS TASTED THE STUFF? oh and my favorite beer is from a tavern in southern England call Bells ESB or EXTRA SPECIAL BEER, man do I miss that stuff. Typically I drink the Moose or Molsen those cannucks really know there stuff. I also like Asahii super Dry the art of Karukuchii is no bull. The people of Nihongo(japan) really take beermaking seriously comparable with German purity laws....HERE'S TO THE BRONCOS AND BEER AND LOTS OF BOTH, HooRah
  2. JakeNbake
    Welcome to the boards nice post guy!
  3. Remedy
    Broncos and Beer!
    two of the finest things in life.
  4. InElwayWeTrust
    Welcome to the Boards.


    Hooray Beer!!!!!
  5. Remedy
    For a bunch of beer lovers... there isn't much for 'beer talk'
  6. Broncoholic3233
    You are the Canadian! That is your job!
  7. FLBroncFan
    Welcome aboard the Broncos and Beer Discussion Board....

    Beer is the fifth food group.... FLBroncFan

    'Beer, it's not just for breakfast anymore.' - unknown genius

    '24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not.' - Stephen Wright

    'Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.' - Benjamin Franklin

  8. Remedy
    I love beer. Just thought I would share.
  9. Crush Arizona
    Crush Arizona
    Ok folks has anybody tried these new Sam Adams hand crafted ales I just tried the Tasman IPA, now I am not muchAles but this one is REALLY GOOD it has legs and a head that you could float a 6 pack on. Sweet without ot much Aleiness and little after taste.SA has used Galary and Topaz hops from Tasmania, this is one great brew as only Sam Adams seems to be able to deliver, HOORAY BEER!!
  10. Crush Arizona
    Crush Arizona
    I am now trying the Sam Adams CINDER BOCK , YOU SHOULD SEE THE SIZE OF these BUBBLES! Damn things look like caviar , holy crap this stuff taste like Smoked Beer. really sweet tremendouse head unreal legs I am counting four rings allready. My beer horn is over flowing. GOD IS GOOD. I think this one is a little to smokey/sweet for me, the smoked malt is way to much other than that nearly perfect execution of a Bock Beer.
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