1. Remedy
    It's finally somewhat acceptable outside today... only a Balmy - 10 C
  2. CanDB
    Cmon Rem....pretty soon we'll be shedding
  3. Remedy
    I seriously wish it was 20+ every single day. I can't get enough, Infact.... I the hotter the better... I could sit in the sun and just soak it in all day long.

    Suns out! the guns come out!
  4. CanDB
    Last March we had 4 days over 20C.....that was crazy warm for this part of the woods......but somehow I just don't see any trace of that this winter. Right now, anything under -20 is appreciated!
  5. Remedy
    Winter is evil... I feel the need to reiterate how terrible it is.
  6. CanDB
    Nothing like a Canadian baseball team doing some hockey style brawling this time of year (World Baseball Championship)
  7. Remedy
    No kidding... I had a good chuckle...
  8. CanDB
    So..........any thoughts on the Canuck team that will play in the '14 Olympics (I think they're playing???).

    The lineup will be very solid, but goaltending is not a strong point anymore.

    So far, we'll be very strong at Forward:

    Top tier - Crosby, Toews, Stamkos, Giroux, Tavares

    Potential Next level (and beyond) - Staal (one or two?), Perry, Nash, M Richards, Thornton, Carter, Bergeron, Marchand (pesky), Neal, Benn, one or two young Oilers, and several others

    If We Need More Toughness - Lucic


    Letang, Weber, Subban, Keith, Doughty, Pietrangelo, J Schultz, Seabrook, Hamhuis


    Elliot, Crawford, Luongo(??)

  9. Holger_Danske
    The two strikes have killed ALL interest I ever had in watching Hockey again. Too bad too because I used to live it at one point. Met my wife at a Flames/Oilers game in the good old days in 1986.
  10. CanDB
    That is so cool how you met your wife! Hockey's been very, very good to you!!

    No doubt you've been in the penalty box a few times since!
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