1. CanDB
    Hey......amazing that a canuck went #1 in the NBA draft........congrats to Anthony Bennett!!! Next year seems like a lock that another canuck - Andrew Wiggins, will also go #1. Crazy stuff!!! I guess Naismith (a Canadian) invented the game, so why not play it (really good) as well!!
  2. Remedy
    Tell that to the raptors...hahaha
  3. jeffsbroncos
    So theres no problems bringing a cooler of beer and a bbq to the parking lot for the game? First timer. Coming from Toronto area.
    Or are people selling food in the lots?
    We are looking to have a few pre game beers and talk broncos and whatever else.
    Bringing my Dad who is 73. Also a Skins Fan. I feel sorry whats gonna happen to them.
  4. Holger_Danske
    Yes, a few times - the previous weekend was one of them LOL....
  5. CanDB
    Sorry....haven't been here for a while. Need more discussion folks! Where are you Rem, and EMac, and all of you for that matter???

    (who am I to get so noisy!!!)

    Cheers gang!

    One more thing.......dang, hope Stamkos is okay. Poor dude. He'll heal fast, and hopefully be at the Olympics.
  6. CanDB
    Been a while!

    Go Canada!!!
  7. CanDB
    Go Raptors!!!!
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