1. CanDB
    Rem......let me try again......what's the drink that you thought was really cool to make, given how it turned out? In other words, it wouldn't be something like a rye and 7, cause there's not much going on in the production.

    I'm thinking about one of the those all inclusives we went to.....and I started trying other things, as in, "hey, can I have one of those blue drinks please." Or, "I'll try what that cool guy is drinking." (turns out some of those cool guys aren't so cool....
  2. Remedy
    well... I like making "harvey wallbangers" vodka, galliagno and OJ it's a nice in the sun on a patio vacation drink.

    I make a cocktail called "sex with Rob" thats a bit more complicated but in a shaker put1/3 of each gin, malibu and peach schnapps. A splash oj/pineapple juice and some grenadine for colour (the drink should come out pink) shake on ice and serve. tastes like being in the sun and will put the person (lady?) on her behind.

    god I could 'talk shop' all day... you want a cool looking shooter maybe try gin/hypnotic it comes out a baby blue colour and you dont really taste the gin.. or jack daniels and peppermint schnapps (jack frost)

    what else... I often make girls 'chocolate martinis' when entertaining at my house.
    2oz vodka 1oz creme do cacao. sick a hersheys kiss in it (toothpick through it like an olive) and then put chocolate shavings over top.
  3. CanDB
    Rem.....remind me to invite you over if I ever have a party!!! I used to do the Wallbanger thing, but those other drinks sound pretty cool!
  4. CanDB
    Okay.....just a bit of switch here.....I am going to guess that at least a couple of our members like Arcade Fire, given their residential locations. I like them a lot, and have been impressed with the recognition they've received. And it was nice to see them perform with Mick Jagger on SNL last week. Not too shabby!
  5. Remedy
    yes, I like playing around with the booze... the menu at my old place of work all the drinks we came up with one night after work. We all sat around the staff the owner and made drinks till 4/5 in the morning trying stuff out. always a good time.

    and yes I do enjoy the arcade fire as well... given your age I am not going to lie I am shocked you know WHO they are... considering my parents can't name an artists post 1990
  6. CanDB
    Rem......I hope my knowledge of youthul stuff doesn't freak you, or anyone else here. But I do understand why your folks wouldn't know. They have their interests. I just tend to be nosy about lots of and old, serious or fun.....whatever. But you won't see me at a Bieb's concert!!!!
  7. CanDB
    Was in Toronto for a few days, and went to the George Stroumbouloupolos........... show. It was so interesting to watch a show being put together right before our eyes! He is an amazingly gifted individual, as he runs court on his show, never missing a beat, and always in control of his interviews. Wish we'd been there when he interviewed Olivia Wilde a while back!!!!

    If you ever get a chance, get some tickets in advance. The dude is cool!!! AND, Americans seem to know who he is, at least the one lady from Detroit who claims to be his biggest fan.
  8. Remedy
    I actually have met and had drinks with the guy a few times... I ended up at the casino playing blackjack with him a few years ago. Really awesome dude... we got into some intense conversations about music(as you can imagine)
  9. CanDB
    geez Rem......I can't get nuthin past ya!!!!

    how about Olivia Wilde......did you mess with her???
  10. Remedy
    sadly not... that is a girl worth marryin'
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