1. Frenchy180
    I chose Canada... y'all have a region just for my supposed people
  2. Remedy
    This place rocks...

    I would like everyone to know I drank many canadian beers tonight.

    also I have never in my life seen milk in a bag... this still confuses me.
  3. CanDB
    Frenchy......if you ever come to Winnipeg, we have the largest French community outside the province of Quebec. It's called St. Boniface. But you are right, you will find Frenchy people everywhere in this vast country!

    Rem - we need a contest. Find the bagged milk in Canada!!!
  4. CanDB
    Hey folks, hope you are having a fun Canadian long weekend!!! And for our non canuck members......why not call in sick on Monday, because after all, you deserve to share the long weekend with your group!! If nothing else.....have a few cold ones

  5. Remedy
    no thanks on the bagged milk that gives me the creeps... and ever since I watched the documentary "the world according to monsanto" milk makes me want to vomit.

    and yes the long weekend is good but busy... lots of people around town works busy! and I might be getting myself a new gig mixing drinks at another bar too. woooo
  6. CanDB
    Hey Rem.......what's the best drink you mix?
  7. Louich
    Want bagged milk ? We have them in Qc ! (4liters 3 bags per bags...yeah I know sounds funny but hey).

    (and sorry if I have posted in the Canadian group I would not try to offend anyone who does not want a french canadian around )
  8. CanDB
    Anytime Lou.......we luvs ya!!!
  9. CanDB
    Nice to see some new members here!

    At some point I believe we have to work closely with The Beer Lovers.....which is gaining momentum in several places, as a Broncos and Beer club......or Beer and Broncos, whatever you like.

    Not sayin that all canucks love beer............but 99.9986456% (of drinking age of course!)
  10. Remedy
    @dave best drink I mix? uh... haha like cocktail/martini? what do I drink? that is such a broad question... haha

    @louich... bagged milk gives me the creeps thinking about
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