1. Remedy
    what's up eh?
  2. CanDB
    not much yet, but I suggest that some of you picture buffs submit famous hot canuck ladies get this beerfest started!!!

  3. Remedy
    This is something I will do when I sit down and have a little time a bit later on.

    I like where your head is at sir.
  4. Frenchy180
    where's the moose...?
  5. CanDB
    the moose is having a nap
  6. Thors Hammer
    Thors Hammer

    Am I doin' this Canadian thing right?
  7. CanDB
    I like the effort there TH!! Canadians like effort......not too worried about results, but so what?? Just keep on movin and we expect things to all work out fine.
  8. Frenchy180
    So... if I just read that right... you guys get your milk in bags? I mean, seems natural and all... but kinda weird...
  9. CanDB
    Milk in a bag..........think I saw some of that about 30 years ago.......but if you start seeing beer in a bag, well then, you got a serious problem!!
  10. CanDB
    Frenchy......I poppped my head into Team Amurica, and I see they are ruthlessly challenging you to choose one Team.

    We in TEAM CANADA are not so picky......we welcome anyone who wants to join us, but you got to bring a 6 pack once in a while. Hey, we're not too fussy, but we sure are dang thristy!!!!!
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