1. #87Birdman
    So who here watches this show since no one uses this group anymore I will post in here

    But seriously this show needs to come back on.
  2. Elway
    Be back before you know it. Off to a good start so far.
  3. Freyaka
    Still liking it. Last night's episode was awesome because it not only had John Barrowman (who is awesome) but Ben Browder (equally awesome!) I am a huge Ben Browder fan because I LOOOOVE! Farscape one of my favorite shows ever and of course he was the main char in that and he also spent some time as the head of SG-1 on Stargate another of my favorite shows.
  4. #87Birdman
    Yeah still enjoy the show, and I really want to see how the island story line goes. It is getting good and I have to wait till thursdays stink. Silly Hulu and dang class on wednesday nights
  5. Elway
    Saw the early clips for season 2. Looks promising, Some Black Canary and Summer Glau.
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