Broncos Fans

  1. JohnW62
    nice to meet other Canadians who are fans of the NFL and not of the Patriots but of the Broncos, have been a Broncos fan since their SuperBowl against the Cowboys in the 1977
  2. CanDB
    Welcome John!!!

    I'm going to make an assumption that you're old enough for this................I certainly am!!!
  3. Remedy
    If you start handing out beers... I wont know what to do.

    and yes welcome aboard my friend.
  4. CanDB
    Rem.........I thought all members of this group automatically took a beer with them, everywhere they went. Sorry if I made an incorrect assumption.
  5. JohnW62
    I live in an area that has Patriots news on the sports channels 24/7 it is disgusting, it is very mild here on the east coast, so far no sign of normal winter weather here in Cape Breton Island, nic eto meet other Canadian fans of the denver Broncos
  6. Remedy
    I'm originally from the rock. to another east coaster.
  7. CanDB
    I'm born and bred prairie guy......according to the polls, and geographics, I'm supposed to be a Vikings fan. Goegraphically I'm a Blue Bomber (Blue and Gold) guy, and NFL wise, I'm Orange & Blue all the way!!
  8. Remedy
    Go jets go? (not really though) woooooooo Hockey!

    Wooo Habs!
  9. CanDB
    Cmon your prairie neighbour team!! And btw, our farm team is "on the rock".
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