Roll Call!

  1. Fargo
    Give us your name, your thoughts, and (please) something positive!
  2. #87Birdman
    Well I'm here #87birdman...

    Hard to be positive after that crushing defeat and really hard to avoid posting my real thoughts, but for positivity. We played as bad as possible played against the refs and the Ravens played great and we still had a chance to win the game in the end. So that is a positive and hopefully our youngs guys let a fire burn in them and come back next year and smack some people in the mouth
  3. JohnW62
    JohnW62 here, the season was an unknown journey because no one knew how Peyton Manning would perform following his neck surgery, what happened on Saturday was a direct result of the the key players on the Ravens being together longer than the Broncos were, next year will be a banner year for the Broncos, since they will have more time playing together
  4. Mark Upchurch
    Mark Upchurch
    i am Mark upchurch I try not to think but it doesn't work
  5. Elways_Ghost
    Still look how far we've come. Edit: Gary
  6. Larryh
    Hi name is Larry and I am a fan and only a fan. I don't criticize our players and for the most part don't pretend I know much about football. But I have been a Bronco fan from the time Frank Tripuka left the Saskatchewan Roughriders and joined the Broncos. Today the Broncos won a thriller against the Dolphins and it might have been the first game all year that I really enjoyed. It was great fun.
  7. michaelray
    Good afternoon folks - I have been banging my head on my desk trying to figure out what is going on with our Broncos. My only conclusion is that there must be a power struggle going on with the coaches and manning, in the 3rd quarter we were the team of 2013 and when the 4th quarter started the power of manning was taken away. I really don't understand why we would go away with something that works, someone please help mw understand it. there is that saying, if your plan cant be stopped than keep with it but we stopped ourselves.
  8. Fargo
    I'm not sure it's a power struggle as much as everybody feeling like junk. We're banged up physically. I could see that in DT and Manning's performance these past few games.
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