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  1. Crush Arizona
    Crush Arizona
    I have now opened a bottle of the Sam Adams baltic IPA called Dark Depths, really nice head with the best legs I seen this side of of Brooklyn, its Dark and smooth, like I like my.....OK! LMFAO just kidding a real Ale, increadible bouque with hints of chocolate, still has a moderatly strong aley aftertaste, but really drinkable. There must be at least five different hops flavors going on hear(Saaz,Noble,Zues,Antanium and Simcoe.) the malts are equally confusing as there are at least five of those too...Man the BREWMASTERS at Sammy's house are for sure some MAD F@CKI& sCIENTIST FO SURE...all of these beers I just tried were worth 650 pennies I paid for them...good Job guys!!
  2. Crush Arizona
    Crush Arizona
    Go broncos!!! Lets win it all this year my ponies!!
  3. Crush Arizona
    Crush Arizona
    Oh and remember what oiur founding Father Ben Franklin said....And I quote ( Beer is Living proof that GOD LOVES US!!!)
  4. CoryWinget81
    You might want to post in the beer thread. No one ever reads here. lol
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