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    Hey pal....fellow canuck! I was experimenting with the like/unlike button, and I gave you a like cuz I wanted to. But I experimented and gave you an "unlike" (which is not what I wanted to do), which I followed up with another "like". Please tell me if you lost points rather than gained them, because I owe you if so. I was playing around and am not sure what even happened. WTH, I'm going to give you another like as soon as I can.

    Be safe. Our kids live in Toronto and it's looking more like the virus is growing, as it is here in Winnipeg.


  • Rich_C
    Hey Man,

    Sorry it has been crazy here. I am stupid busy at work. Yes here is less than great. I am up north of Toronto near the Barrie area. In the Southern portion of the province here (Toronto, York Region, Peel etc.) are all increasing at a rate which is concerning. IMO - this is a combination of schools re-opening and people getting to relaxed with their safety/ precautions.

    I am not concerned with my "standings" in terms of points but I will always take them when I can get 'em.

    Richard (Rich) - yes that is my real 1st name.
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