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    Poll: Thank you! Couldn't agree more. All I want is a...

    Thank you! Couldn't agree more. All I want is a QB that doesn't whine and throw picks. I would pay a ton of money to watch Cutler sit behind anyone.
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    Poll: Sorry but Cutler will never be the caliber QB...

    Sorry but Cutler will never be the caliber QB that Manning or Brady have been. He's too selfish and is not a team player. And you can't build a team around a guy who forces passes into areas the size...
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    Poll: How many INT's did he throw? the opposing...

    How many INT's did he throw? the opposing teams red zone? As far as our D goes, Cutler has a lot to do with how poor their numbers looked. So many turnovers that put our D in extremely difficult...
  4. I hear ya!

    It's all on the O and D line for our additions to be able to do anything. I would love to see us not be at the bottom in sacks. more chances for picks and for our O to score if we can put some...
  5. Other than our O line....

    I don't see our O being in any worse shape than last year. All I see is some young guys that should have a lot of up side. I would like to see Selvin in there more ofter even if we still had Travis....
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    KC has no standing policy. HA, HA, HA!!,91291

    I'm sorry but if there was a no standing policy in Denver there would be...
  7. exactly! we are in rebuilding and won't get it...

    exactly! we are in rebuilding and won't get it together for a season or two. after last seasons high hopes, i am drained of my homerisms. realistically we will have to watch SD take the div. again....
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    So I can't wear my blue stitched J??

    I guess I'll have to sport the old Lynch jersey with the iron on numbers then...
  9. I hope our season comes down to winning in SD.

    How sweet it would be to get revenge for the loss to SD in Den. I just hope we're not an every other week type of team from here on out. SD is the only real team that can play well on both sides of...
  10. Thread: J-Walk?

    by kristian824

    I wasn't aware that Al Harris was a shut down corner.

    There is only one in the NFL and his name is Champ.
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    Poll: I think we match up a lot better with the Packers....

    ....than we did with the Steelers. And as long as Champ and Dre' are both playing we should be more than ready for them. Can you all believe the amount of times we pressured Ben and didn't sack him?...
  12. Well, for some reason I feel as if this week has some promise.

    Even though it is a very good team in Pitt I think we have the players and coaches to learn from our last game and be competitive. But our D line has got to make this happen.
  13. This season had a lot more promise than most recent seasons.

    Is it me or did everyone else think that this season was going to be more promising than past seasons? We seemed to have addressed the issues that killed us last year, but they are worse now! Did...
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    Poll: well at least our schedule softens up a little.

    If we can't win against teams in the NFC, yes our season is over. But that is yet to be seen. And at least SD has to play Indy still. What scares me is that KC, the team that looked like they would...
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    I miss you Al!!!!

    Damn! I'll bet Al is sitting back somewhere and saying, "this would never had happened if I was there." When Al was at Mike, DJ could play to his abilities and cover a lot of space on the corners....
  16. Just a heads up...

    ...when the seats are empty like that and your sitting way up top, it's a great time to go take a seat down low. I've done it on more than one occasion. Last game for instance, we were in sec 506....
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    And for you to boo them, how does that make them any better? It makes them worse!
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    In what way does booing help our team?

    I've got to say that Denver fans can be the most spoiled fans in all of sports. Every game I go to I just sit back and laugh. If it's not a good play, BOO. If it's not perfect, BOO. Any questionable...
  19. Cutler might be going into his first full season, but...

    he did have the third most TD's in the NFL the last 4 weeks! Umm, i'm pretty sure that has some serious upside. And he was throwing to a couple of rookies and Javon in his first year in the system....
  20. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Heres to a great year for Travis. I hope he hits 1500 yards and gets his best season ever!!!:rockon:
  21. Alright here it is...

    I hope someone didn't already do this.
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    Yes, and...

    ...if he could only hold on to the ball!!
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    I'm going for the am practice on the 30th.

    As far as autographs go, they usually line up on the north side of the building right next to the team store. you'll see it when you go through the gate. they only take a small amount of people for...
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    All we need is to start anywhere there isn't humidity.

    Wish it was that easy. But seriously if you look at Miami and week one games at home. They are good, damn good! St. Louis is somewhat humid i guess. That game just sucked! Now we go to the North...
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    Why are there so many people questioning our O line?

    We have continued to have one of the best O lines in the NFL for quite a while. Sure, last season two of our best O lineman were out for half the season, or close to it. But by no means were they...
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