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  1. Cardinals - no more blackouts

    Living in Denver I guess I don't realize what it's like in some other cities, Phoenix for example. They have had blackouts on the majority of their home games, until now it seems. Anyone been to...
  2. Rod!

    Champ or Jake would be great choices but Rod would be my #1 pick.
  3. Foxworth

    Foxworth is truly an exceptional young man, he shows the kind of character that our team has. I look forward to more of his journaling next season in the Denver Post. I've thoroughly enjoyed Wesley...
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    elway is right on

    Elway is right on, sounsd like he and Jake are pretty good friends, I can't imagine a better mentor than Jake. The Jake/Jay situation is going to work out just fine, and Elway knows it too!
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    i like lelie too, he can make some great grabs (he made some awesome catches in the pittsburgh debacle) and i'd love to see him stay on with the broncos, but, does anyone ever double team lelie? is...
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    Poll: ugh

    leinert is really becoming quite sickening, quite quickly. read on.

    Leinert and Paris
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    i do feel badly for ashley, after seeing the vic interview ashley just seems really emotional about this whole thing and very hurt by it, but his reasoning just isn't reasonable! why can't he just...
  8. back to the salute?

    So, will Javon Walker be the one to carry on with the Mile High Salute? It worked so well for Mike since he was a former Marine! I just hope that someone carries on the tradition that TD started!
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    Poll: after jake,

    jake is the man for now and a few years down the road, but maybe jay can be molded into his successor.
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    Poll: jay is a qb in training

    anybody who thinks that jay cutler is going to be the broncos starting qb is not thinking straight, he's a young qb in training, he's a lot like jake, he can learn from jake and one of these days...
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    Poll: Jay to learn under Jake

    Jake is here to stay and Jay can learn under him, for the future. But next year is Jake's year.
  12. wikipedia

    Thanks for doing that, it's great to see all those Rod quotes at wikipedia, I'll keep looking for some more to add to this thread.
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    Poll: Steelers gonna lose

    I heard today that Polamalu tweaked his ankle, does this mean the luck is swinging the way of the Seahawks? I think the Hawks win this one.
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    plummer supporter

    i support plummer, he's a great QB for our Denver Broncos. i just wish all the haters would remember when they used to say the same things about elway!
  15. where is the players entrance at Invesco?

    in domonique foxworth's wednesday column this past week in the denver post he mentioned how when he arrived at the game last saturday night fans were there are the players entrance chanting the names...
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    do you think the fans will be even more pumped up and louder this week than last? i am hoping so, although, i'm still tired from screaming and stomping last saturday night at the game, hopefully by...
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    after sunday

    maybe all the other afc teams and their fans will stop whining when they realize that in fact the broncos really are the best team in the afc. better than the pats, better than the colts and better...
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    it's a conspiracy

    i mean, why did they have to go and put plummer on SI? i mean, somebody out there wants to put a curse on us. but, jake shall overcome it! he's looking biblical enough! :-)
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    60's, then to 40's

    The high will be a little over 60 tomorrow, so, after the sun sets, it will get down to the low 40's by the time the game starts. Pretty warm for January!
  20. Arizona Republic Article, "Making a Case for Jake"

    kinda funny

    Making a case for Jake

    Bob Young
    The Arizona Republic
    Jan. 12, 2006 12:00 AM

    We told you earlier this season that no matter what the Chinese calendar says, this is The Year...
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    can't wait

    i was at the Ravens game and that was a pretty boring game, and even so, i thought the place was loud, i can't imagine how it's going to be tomorrow night and i'm so excited that i'm going to be...
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    game plan

    i think that would be a good move for the Denver O to try, i really enjoyed watching Lelie across the middle during the Raiders game, he's so fast and elusive, as well as Jeb and SA, and how about a...
  23. it should be interesting

    i know, will we come with the unexpected (run) or the expected unexpected (to pass). the way they've been talking up the Pats Defense you'd think that we wouldn't be able to run through it. I know...
  24. how will the Broncos O start, passing or running?

    I am a bit worried about the 3-4 defensive scheme the Patriots run, that scheme has been a bit tougher for the Broncos to run against this season, but, of course not impossible. Do you think Shanahan...
  25. get to the game early - fan warmup

    i think it's important for us fans to be at the game early on saturday, let's give the patriots a taste of the noise they'll hear during the game when they come out to practice.
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