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    What you need to do to beat the squeelers is...

    Play your game on offense, stay within your abilities. "Ompapamouwmouw" or whatever his name is, was jumping the routes, he will fall for the pump fake BIG TIME if used. They depend on quick scores,...
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    Jaded Vision?!?!?

    From my seat, it was 2 of the biggest plays of the season. A 103 yard interception return, that unfortunately didn't come with an immediate score. No way can you fault Champ for that.
    A TIGHT...
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    Told you them "DOGS" would hunt for you!

    Nice piece before the game tonight re: the 4 "X" browns. I think you can go back and see my prior posts about this. Are you enjoying the season? Congratulations Broncomaniacs, you deserve it, and...
  4. Brown's Fan wants to know, them new dogs hunting for you yet!

    ..........or as some of you Bronco-manics hyperventelated- "Shanny is an idiot".
    I told you they would hunt, and today they will make or break you! (I had to throw that in to get bronco-manic...
  5. practice squad??

    If I am on the practice squad, imagine how good I will be once I crack the starting line-up!! I am a football savant- what predictions would you like me to make next?!?!

    Here is another quote for...
  6. More of a Sect than a religion! By the way your...

    More of a Sect than a religion! By the way your god retired a few years ago. I saw the miracle err drive myself. Read my earliest post my quote "No matter how good the sermon don't drink the...
  7. I started the thread now let me respond to some of the manics!

    Bronco-manic you miss-spelled your name on the board. As I remember it you had a different take on them in presea! My point back then, and now is that the problem was C level land had no offense-...
  8. Brown"s Fan wants to know, what you think bout them new dogs!

    Back in presea some of you got all manic on your coaches re them transplanted brown dogs. I assured them that those dogs would hunt. Whats your take now?
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    Some of you guys are way to manic! It is...

    Some of you guys are way to manic! It is pre-season, ...and a 16 game season at that! How many players make it through the entire season without missing a game each year? Your defensive line's...
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    Boys Boys Pro bowl seasons come from who plays around you too!

    Here is my first quote for Bronco Nation, "No matter how good the sermon, don't drink the kool-aide!" original quote from Brown's Fan himself.
    The meaning is self explanitory, if you remember Jim...
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    Your new defensive line

    Congratulations Bronco fans, because your defensive co-ordinator pulled off a near genius move! Forget what the media experts around the country have been telling you all along, because these guys...
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