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    Quanterus Smith...Quitely a Beast

    This guy had 3 sacks against Alabama and was leading in sacks until his ACL injury. Watch out for this guy. I am still sad Elvis has left the building, but I think we will be just fine with our new...
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    Why one player or position?

    Why the load on Rahim, sure it was the last play, but why not the missed field goal when Prater kicked the ground instead of the ball. Ravens get the ball go down and score a TD, 10 point swing,...
  3. Offensive

    If you are going to sling disrespect to the physically impaired then I will take personal offense and I KNOW my BLIND father can and will burn you in any sports conversation and spin you into a...
  4. My bro from H.S. is taking me to club level, we...

    My bro from H.S. is taking me to club level, we are flying up Friday morning for golf all weekend and football on Sunday night, I am going to have to come home just to rest! Parking lot of Federal...
  5. Hey, where are all those people that were...

    Hey, where are all those people that were shouting "just look at the depth chart, he is behind Ball", and "he will be cut". Moreno is a far better back than Ball and anyone who has sour grapes...
  6. Lance Ball is hardly a "lock"

    Lance Ball is hardly a "lock"
  7. How do you figure?

    So one of the most important move for both side of the front line is the push off, and you don't think having a cast on the wrist is a big factor? This is the move that creates separation to use the...
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    So you think Houston will be the same without all...

    So you think Houston will be the same without all of the MAJOR pieces they lost? I also think that Pitt is aging and losing some of the key guys, i.e. Farrior, making these two teams as suspect as...
  9. Really!?

    1.7 is not very much at all for a back up QB.
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    Check your ego buddy

    Some of the greatest minds in history had issues with spelling, reading and writing. If you think that grammar has anything to do with the sharpness of the mind you have some serious life lessons to...
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    Soooooo funny!

    I literally snorted when I read this!

    I went to the Jets game and happened to stay at the hotel where the team had the pre-game meeting. Orlando Franklin is the biggest man I have ever seen and I...
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    DB is one of the most difficult positions to...

    DB is one of the most difficult positions to transition to from college to the NFL. They are asked to cover the most athletic players on the field and any little mistake is almost always impossible...
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    Poll: Just one change...

    I would suggest running the spread on the first possession to score a TD and then go back to ground and pound WITH A LEAD. That is what will make the Broncos almost un-beatable with the D beasting...
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    How much we miss Von Miller, he masks how bad Goodman really is in coverage.
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    Poll: All sorts of FAIL in this

    How do you think this is good? There are more pokes at his religion and person in this and yet he wins. I am sorry you are so bitter about that.
  16. Not cleared

    Peyton has not been cleared to play again and frankly the last Dr appt this week revealed that his neck is not healed and there is ZERO chance that any Dr is going to clear him.

    As stated by...
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    Don't Worry, No Switch in #

    I would not worry about him switching numbers now or any time soon. He asked for number 58 to honor the late great DT.
  18. More stats....

    Wins under Orton (just this year) : 1
    Wins under Tebow : 4
  19. Maybe we will start supporting your posts when...

    Maybe we will start supporting your posts when they contribute to the thread.:thumb:

    Elway has said he will never give up on Tebow, but has to point out what his position requires. The need to...
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    Poll: So hate the source

    Why are you projecting all of the 55 minutes on Tebow then? The real source is the play calls. I was at the game and Tebow's development shows more and more every game. The play calls were made,...
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    Already Checked In!

    Checked in at the hotel, taking my best friend to his first Broncos game! We are going to scream and yell till we cant and then the lost art of creating thunder when stomping comes in!
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    It is not who you play, but when you play them. ...

    It is not who you play, but when you play them. I think we can do just as well as ATL if McCoy lets Tebow play free.
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    Both of his FORCED FUMBLES put the offense in the RED ZONE, how is that not a game changer.....oh yeah, we could only score field goals with our.....not gonna do it, will not say the end, you fill it...
  24. Wait, perhaps you are being biased as no one,...

    Wait, perhaps you are being biased as no one, except disgruntled Orton fans, have placed Tim at 3rd. For your reference I cut and pasted the exact depth chart as it stands on the website:
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    Wow, just......

    Japfaff, I have to say this is by far one of the most educated things I have seen you post! I am sorry, but some posts back in the past had you as thinking Tebow is a wasted pick. I am glad you...
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