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    Wow, this is a fun game. Too bad I made a mistake in the time and missed the 1st quarter.

    It's going as I expected. The offense is looking real good. The only thing that stopped the offense on the 2nd possesion was an excellent read and tackle, but the Broncos execution on offense is real good. I was pretty confident they'd score in the last 2 minutes of the half. They're just moving the ball really well, Cutler making all the right passes, Sapp doing pretty good. And this is without Travis Henry and Javon Walker.

    The defense still looks spotty, but a bit better, and they did enough a few times on key moments to keep us in the game.

    But like expected, it's our offense that will win the game for us.

    (added) ... oops, I guess Javon played, my mistake.
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