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  • Broncos win by 14+ points

    12 11.54%
  • Broncos win by 8 - 13 points

    30 28.85%
  • Broncos win by 4 - 7 points

    24 23.08%
  • Broncos win by 1 - 3 points

    14 13.46%
  • Chargers win by 1 - 3 points

    4 3.85%
  • Chargers win by 4 - 7 points

    7 6.73%
  • Chargers win by 8 - 13 points

    7 6.73%
  • Chargers win by 14+ points

    6 5.77%
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    Pick the winner of the Broncos vs. Chargers game #1...

    Some here think the season is over after getting handled by the Colts. Well, it could be worse. We could have just been soundly beaten by the Chiefs in our own stadium and be 1-3 and last place in the AFC West. That kind of eases the pain of being soundly beaten by the Super Bowl champs in their stadium and yet still being tied for the division lead, at least in my mind.

    Personally, I expected us to lose this game and it doesn't change my outlook on the season for the Broncos. We're still adjusting to new players, new positions, and a new defensive scheme. It's been a bumpy start to the season as many of us were afraid it would be. But I still believe this team will get better as the season progresses.

    Luckily, the Chargers seem to be suffering from Norvturneritis and he has dragged them down as quick as ever. The man is a good offensive coordinator but has always underwhelmed as a head coach. I'd like to thank their GM for canning their entire coaching staff and thinking talent alone could overcome the effects of that debilitating disease.

    That being said, they do still have a lot of talent and could put together a good game at any time, despite their head coach. Hopefully it won't be this Sunday.

    What do you think? Please vote in the poll but feel free to make exact predictions. I'll post the winners in the following game's thread.

    Congrats (I guess ) to the following for picking the correct winner and margin of victory versus the Colts:

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    Broncos by 8-13. =D

    My adopted Bronco is Chris Kuper. Huzzah!

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    Broncos win, i was on the Chargers message board and they had the same thread going on but most of them were saying the broncos were going to win by 50+ . They were all calling us the Donkies though, lol

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    Well this one has me scractchin my noggin... I went 14+ and I went with my gut feeling that Denver is going to be able to run the ball ( control the clock) and when we hit the redzone I feel we get the TD rather than the field goal. I believe our D will give up some huge run yardage but that we shut down he passng game. I think we win by 14 because our D ends up with a TD to seal it.

    But its Sunday and after a loss in Indy I cant fathom another loss right now. 3 in a row would suck....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacky1982 View Post
    Thanks for this valuable thread!

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    Are you a bot??

    and I will post my predictions later.

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    JAV, that my prediction was right with the Colts! I was hoping to be wrong!

    This week is a hard pick. I know it's at Invesco but I have a hard time seeing SD lose 4 in a row. But being it is at home I'll say Denver wins another close game but wouldn't be surprised to see SD squeak out a win. I don't see Denver blowing out anyone this year (most games will be 1-7 range) but I also don't see Denver getting blown out again this year (Indy had their fun - darn Dallas Clark).

    Denver 27
    SD 24

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    I said 14+ but it all depends on Shanny, Bates and Walker.
    Shanny needs to get our team to gel.
    We realy need to figure out how to stop the run. LT is will have a huge game if we play like we have so far this year.
    We need Javon back in the game. Having two threats at wide out is a lot better than one.
    We are at home and I wish I could be there to see it.

    Go Broncos!!

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    This game is even easier to pick than last week.

    San Diego runs all over Broncos for a +14 victory.

    Sorry guys. We are not going to stop LT.

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    LT beats the dog out of us. He will run and when we start trying to use the whole defense to stop him a pass will hit us.

    San Diego by 3 to 7..........
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    LT will run for 150-200 yards and they will win this game by 14+ points

    Chargers 41
    Denver 27

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    Lt hasn't been able to run all year long, and we've always had his number in the past.
    Yeah, he get some big runs, but not enough for them to win.

    Maybe Cutler will learn how to check down, and throw it to someone other than his primary. I'm all for him going for the big play, but not when there's a wide open first down right there in the middle of the field.

    Sorry, off topic there. Broncos will take it by 10.

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    Broncos win 26-24.

    LT will run for at least 100 yards but Rivers will throw a few INTs. Meanwhile Selvin Young will run for about 80 yards with a TD and Cutler will throw for 270 with a TD and an INT. Elam will be kicking alot of field goals.

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    Broncos win it by 10.
    Quote Originally Posted by paintballer View Post
    Broncos win, i was on the Chargers message board and they had the same thread going on but most of them were saying the broncos were going to win by 50+ . They were all calling us the Donkies though, lol
    Most of them are saying that the Broncos will win by at least 14 points. One also said that Rivers will throw 5 INTs and that there is no hope in beating the Broncos, lol.
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    I have a really good feeling about this game. Broncos will win by at least 8!!
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    We obviously do not have a running defense, but the Chargers don't have NEAR the running offense they once had. The good thing, is that we will be able to have both Adams and Gordon back in this game. I don't know if it will help MUCH, but hit has to help SOME. Lynch most probably would be able to be back as well.

    That being said. Rivers and their pass game is absolutely NO threat to us. We just need to put someone reliable on Gates, and stack against the run. LET Rivers try to beat us with that receiving corp.

    I don't think our offense will have a hard time moving the ball. We haven't had a hard time moving the ball against anyone yet... we just need to put the 6 on the a board instead of the 3 (obviously).

    Having Walker back will be huge... having Lynch back will be huge. We will be at home and the crowd will be rockin'. I honestly feel confident that we will win this game (closely because we can't dominate a game with our horrendous defense).

    I'm looking forward to seeing the "SB hopeful" Chargers sink to a 1-4.

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