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    well at least our schedule softens up a little.

    If we can't win against teams in the NFC, yes our season is over. But that is yet to be seen. And at least SD has to play Indy still. What scares me is that KC, the team that looked like they would be last in our Div, beat SD pretty easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncsx3 View Post
    Oh, you are one of those fans taht thinks our opinions matter. Cute.
    No, I'm one of those fans that can careless about other peoples opinions.
    Making team signature bars, just drop me a PM.

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    Simple answer. . . . NO. The season is not over. We'll just have to do it the hard way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darth-hideous View Post
    Never say die! 11 games to go and 8-8 could win this division this year.
    You think the chargers are finishing 8-8?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henrysdealer View Post
    You think the chargers are finishing 8-8?
    Well my "Back to the Future" sports almanac had this page tore out,but the way EVERY team in the AFC west started out,8-8 winning the division wouldn't really surprise me this year.

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    broncs could to it

    although I am still in shock about the San Diego game, let's face it. After Pittsburgh and Greenbay (which I'm hoping we will split) our schedule gets so much easier. Look at the broncos to end the season strong with at least an 8-8 record.

    I think this pittburgh game will be the game where Denver's going to show America what a quality football team they are. I can't say I'm expecting them to win (well they could pull an upset) but let's see some decent football, please.

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