I've almost already lost respect for the "Die hard" fans who were in the stands today. Not all of you are like that though, but that was just ridiculous, almost as bad as when Lions fans wore Bengals colors to the game.

You'll never see a Jag fan do that, because we don't even go even when we're winning lol. Except for MNF games.

But you have to support your team in order for them to do great. Not slouch around and quit at the 3rd quarter. You know, the only reason we beat the Steelers on Monday Night 9-0 last year was because the guys in Jacksonville organized a thing called Teal Night, where all fans wore teal to the game, or wore teal around the city for the week. No black or gold(Our 2nd color), Just teal. On game time, went CRAZY. Perhaps to show some love to the Broncos, you guys should do a Crush Night or something, and fill your next home game with orange. I swear, it'll kickstart the Broncos.