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    what im trying to say is that its pretty hard to build through the draft when the GM completely ruins a whole years worth of picks.

    and worst of all who did we just sign? david terrell V 2.0?

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    I grow endlessly more tired every day with these retarded "we havn't picked anyone decent up in free agency so the world is going to end" know how many players the giants picked up last year??? ONE! They took what they had which wasn't a whole lot in the begining, built on it throughout the year and won a lets all just take a deep breath and realize this season hasn't even started yet and we have no idea what we have. Last years defense problems were for the most part the system, not the lack of talent....the bates system just didn't work here. You guys really need to remember 2 years ago we were a top 10 defense and not a lot has changed since then so again, just take a deep breath and relax.

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